havent seen much poetry lately...

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  • zanex

    and my parents have been very painfully been intruding into my life from a very JW angle lately and it doesnt help that i work with a buttload of other JWS that happen to know my parents and see them fairly regularly...nevermind that they dont bother to tell ME that they are coming into town but they tell a whole lot of JWS who i happen to work with...i happen to be in a fairly heavily jw emplyd field...language translation. Anyway...make a long story short i sat down in front of my laptop after an excruciating evening of work and this came out of my fingers....i felt like the only place it cud be understood is here....

    Living in the past

    Mind wallowing in self defeat

    The blows of eternity smashing my mind

    But never do I call the mental retreat

    I live for me now

    I love with no limit

    My TRUE family found at last

    A life cannot be imagined without it

    The price was steep…

    Cost so dear for this truth

    Paid in blood

    Paid for with my youth..

    I miss you my father..

    I miss you my mother..

    I remain your son

    I remain your brother…

    Where did things change?

    Where did I become so wrong?

    Why is it all of a sudden…

    I don’t belong?

    We share the same blood..

    We live the same name

    I remember you still

    But you don’t know me the same…

    It hurts…

    Hurts that I wont ever be good enough

    Hurts I always have parts of you

    I suppose things must always be rough

    I look at my daughter now..

    I see mom in her eyes

    I see dad in her mind

    But now grandma, pa all u have are lies..

    I didn’t expect to see my mother in my girl

    I give her all you cant give me

    I will always give it..

    No matter how she comes to me…

    I love you mom and dad…

    But somewhere I have to stop

    I have to let you go…

    The guillotine I must drop

    thanx fer being here... -Z-

  • SPAZnik

    Hang in der Z. :)

  • Stealth453


    If I didn't know better, I would swear you wrote that for me and my parents.

  • Stealth453


    I was so touched by your poem, that I asked my 13 year old daughter to read it. She knows and understands a bit of my past, and often asks about her grandparents. She was moved to tears. She asked me if she could use your poem for an english project she is working on in school. They have been asked to compile a collection of work of amature poets, and the poems must have some significance in their lives.

    With all due respect and honour, may she use it? She will give full credit to you as the author. If you agree, please pm me, and give me the name or pen name you would allow her to use.

    Thank you.

    Stealth (Steve)

  • arwen

    That was truly beautiful. Poetry is such a wonderful way to express our deepest feelings. I feel your pain and send you my love. Arwen

  • zanex

    thanx spaz, havent seen ya in a while! Glad yer shtill around kickin..im doing better than the poem lets on...

    stealth: wow..its good to hear that my meager collection of words can have some kind of impact somewhere...maybe the next generation doesnt have to have the pain and anger that some of us had to go through...and check yer pm's, i got back to ya

    arwen: thanx...every little bit helps.

  • Terry

    Spoink the Drooly Day

    While timely passing in my mind romantic interludes...

    deep, dark, whorling, twisted vines of doubting then precludes.

    Ensuing both the dank and deep of actions not past known

    avenging weeds that grank and gleep the morbid memory moans.

    "Old Pockle", sweeply grive me, tell--please murmur mountly prove.

    Does daggered neeply boldy thrive in ancient, motley grooves?

    Old Jehovah toddled off and left a note behind...unsettling, illegible (although the writing's fine).

    The many voices reading it benumb my widdle ears. No clarity or sense of it have made it through the years.

    I think it's his old grocery list or daily "things to do" and not instructions for us folks to righteously pursue.

    And so, "Old Pockle", off I go to spoink the drooly day and wish you all a fair-thee-well until our Judgement Day!

  • SPAZnik

    Awesome! :)

  • Stealth453

    Thanks Zanex. I appreciate it. My daughter is very happy. I will send you a copy of the finished work.

    Again...your words meant a lot to me.


  • AlmostAtheist

    Nicely spun, Z. For me, the less said, the better. You managed in a few words to express the situation and your feelings so very well.

    Thanks for sharing!


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