Finding The Truth

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  • RevFrank

    Why is it so hard to find truth in the Bibe? Why? There's an easy answer....You allow other influnces to enter into your conclusions.

    I mean let's take a scripture.....1 John 5:1.....The very beginning it says, "WHOEVER........" That word, whoever," means every living being that ever was..ever will be..on this earch that reads that word means all of us.........Yet...The Watchtower kicked out and disfellowshipped Cris & Norma Sanchez..which was head of the Spanish translation commettee. The Sanchez were responable for, all, spanish translations through out the world. Why were they disfellowshipped?

    Cris Sanchez took a look at 1 John 5:1..."Whoever.........."meaning all those who believes that Christ was from God is born again...of the anounted.....and shares the hope with us all.

    So if you compare 1John 5:1 with Romans 8:8......

    See how easy that was? Of course one needs to pray before entering into the bible to see the truth of it all.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Rev Frank:

    It is hard to get the same another. For instance, I don't think Jesus is God.. You do, right? Yet, we have both read the same scriptures... Did you used to be a witness? I was for 26 years and D'aed in Nov. How could we both come up with so different points of view.?

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