How the Watchtower Provides the Perfect World View for Earth's most Calloused and Selfish Human Beings, if you disagree, Let's talk!

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    I don't think I've come across this line of reasoning on JWN but this thought has been going back and forth like a Ping Pong Ball mentally. JWs offer no real benefit to the World even if they do make people stop fighting in gang-banger relationships or stop criminals from stealing. There are religions that help people find Jesus and these people do begin to help, they feed the hungry, they begin to involve themselves volunteering for different charities. Jehovah's Witnesses are like greedy businesses who don't pay their workers minimum wage or any type of fringe-benefits, they are happy to keep their people on as indentured servants like the old "Company Stores" of time's past where you never come out ahead, each week you end up owing the Company more money than you made this week. The Watchtower and fellow JWs don't rejoice when times are good for you, you get the stink-eye and back talking from people who are suppose to be willing to die for you or stick their neck on the chopping block in place of yours, that's the love their tell the World about! For years the local Congregation has been searching for ways to help two of their members get benefits for JWs who can't hold a job because their alcoholics, Social Security declined them and the Elders kept on trying other avenues to get these drunk brothers and sisters monies. Finally they struck gold, the elders had the alcoholics claim their mentally ill and finally after years of bashing the King of the South, the JWs with alcohol problems will qualify for SDI for alcoholism even though they perjured themselves on their SDI forms!

    Here's where my line of Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower converges back with the original thoughts of this thread. Jehovah's Witness by proportion are the most selfish human beings when it comes to parting with their money. People who once leave a former life of alcohol addition find there's a large group of alcoholics in the Congregation, large amounts of JWs on pain medications (Oxycontin, Hydromorphone, Fentynal, Nor-co, Lorecet, ect...) pathological liars (in my congregation we have JWs who lie about the most minor things, no reason to lie and their addiction to lying drives me crazy!). New members soon discover once the love-bombing runs out there are people who love to gossip about them, their entire existence in the Kingdom Hall is based off performance and even if you perform well, your still put on their professional scales making sure your doing enough but not enough so you don't outshine the pious ones.

    Jehovah's Witnesses won't even part with their money to make the Kingdom Hall payments for utilities, the new "Never Ending Rent from the Organization" and must be guilted relentlessly or they won't make the payment. Our Kingdom Hall has been in arrears to the Organization and had to stop handing out literature when the process was changed when money was demanded for literature. When we went to the "Donation Arrangement", all the Publishers who once were thrifty and only took a few items each week soon were taking trunk loads of literature handing it out to anyone who needed something to wipe their asses with or hand out to homeless car window washers using the Watchtowers with spit to wash dirty windows at Stop Lights. We had $5,000+ worth of literature coming through our Kingdom Hall a month only to send the Watchtower $600 in donations at the most. When our Kingdom Hall was paid off, soon our Kingdom Hall got another loan for $150,000 and put itself in debt until we paid that off and got another loan for $450,000.

    JWs and the Watchtower brag about the changes and impact their religion brings about, Jehovah's Witnesses are the only ones who say their religion does good things for the World. I have never seen JWs do anything good for the Community, they take blood but won't give blood to the blood banks. JWs come to support agencies looking for low-cost housing and benefits for the poor making low-wages but they don't do any work to help others get this unless the elders get tired of a family who fell on hard times and asked the Congregation for financial help. My family are the most selfish people, they despise charity but get benefits for illegitimate children and suck Social Security dry. Sorry, the only one who is charitable is one sister and her kids, her two boys are very good citizens while my JW siblings don't do shit for the World, they work for the State, make exorbitant wages for the jobs they do and ask the State for additional monies for the five kids my sister's boy has had from five different teenagers.

    Can you tell me how many JWs you know who became wonderful citizens after learning their way of life? The more a JW get's involved with charity, the weaker their spiritually is deemed by fellow publishers in the congregation. JWs as a whole don't give a dam about human beings, how many times have you been in field service while people in your car were pointing at the large houses on the hill they were going to get when Jehovah kills off all the hard working people?

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