Can you help me grasp Jehovah's Witnesses as (Emotionally and Mentally Violent) vs Physically Violent of all Religions?

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  • JWCart

    Can I upload a audio tape of how evil JWs are, you won't believe how wicked they are!

  • cappytan
    JWCart - Create your own YouTube channel and upload the audio. Or use SoundCloud.
  • apostatethunder

    They isolate, bully and manipulate people to conformity, penalizing any sign of independent thinking or rather a welll adjusted adult personality.

    They do not need sophisticated technology to spy on the lives of others; they've managed to create a climate supported by a net of dedicated pioneers sticking their nose and gossipping about otherĀ“s personal affairs.

    In my opinion this corporation and others like it, are a big experiment about creating a naive, credulous and infantile society to serve the long term purposes of very grandiose people with a lot of money and mental issues.

    That also seems to be the case of the people behind the Government of the US, that has always protected if not promoted these types of cults as other forms of mass manipulation.

    Their publications are full of subliminal imagery by the way, like most of the media.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    In other words apostatethunder, they are poopy heads?
  • JWCart

    What religion have you met in your lives where people who once were your best friends stop associating or acting human towards you and your family because you decided to evaluate your religion and found it lacking from a Biblical standpoint? Seriously, have you met any religions like the Watchtower willing to throw away decades of friendship over Bible disputes?

  • cleanideas
    I was both physically and emotionally abused by my JW family. I already know they are evil.
  • JWCart
    cleanideas, I need to share what happened last night to explain how wicked JWs are, what I have validates people who leave this organization because of the deep hatred they display towards anyone. I need to put online a conversation that took place by the Elderette and my friend, by using the Watchtower's own dogma this Elderette is condemned to Ghenna and love's hanging around pedophiles, it's a weird relationship she has yet she think's she is God's servant, it's a joke!
  • cleanideas
    Oh wow, yes you should share it. See if you can create a Youtube account and upload it there. You can share the link here.

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