Excellent video - Witnesses of Jehovah

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  • Grace

    I had never seen this before yesterday and I implore anyone (especially those who are still Witnesses) to view this:

    Witnesses of Jehovah


    We have had many posters of late who are struggling with issues of both reinstatement and writing letters of disassociation. I highly recommend everyone sees this video, particularly those who are on the margins of staying faithful to the organization.


  • Confession

    I actually have this on VHS. It's good but dated. I'd really love to see a new one created. One that takes into account the pedophile and UN-NGO issues.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I agree that it is pretty dated. Many of the interviews (expect Ray Franz and a few others) seem like they where scripted. There are good moments, but I think it's time for a new one.

  • beautifulisfree

    I think it was a great video also.. It is a bit dated but it still is all relevant. I wish they would make updated version too.

  • Hoping4Change

    It would be nice to see a full scale documentary (at least 2-3 hrs, perhaps even a 2- part, 2hr each) on the history of the WTBS and its' doctrines WITHOUT any Christian, "alternative religious"or even anti-jw bias. I am fully convinced that the facts stand well enough on their own. Pointing out the falied prophecies, shifting doctrines, and controversial practices as simple facts without judegment would be a great thing to see in a well presented film. Such a show should also explain the WT side of things, the methods and explainations they use to justify themselves. Allow the WTBS reasoning and methodolgies be seen. Let history and current events speak for themselves. Anyone suppose this could ever happen?

  • Justice-One

    In my best "true believer" voice (getting progressively shriller) - How dare you question the Governing Body! How dare you bring up all those things that are a hundred years old! How dare you remind me of what is written in the publications! How dare you try tell me that the society has predicted when the end will come. We all know they have never done that! Don't you understand about all the new light we have had over the years? Don't you understand you are speaking against GOD!!!............. APPOSTATE!!!! APPOSTATE!!!!............ I'm going to report you to the Elders now!!!!!!!

    Oh how I hate these people. They are the pot calling the kettle black. They are wolves in sheeps clothing.

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