Has anyone seen this video?

by atypical 8 Replies latest jw friends

  • atypical
  • Carmel

    Now I have!

  • stillajwexelder

    quite entertaining

  • atypical

    It could possibly give one ideas...

  • atypical

    I halfway wondered if it was staged, but the way the woman resorts to cursing and talking about hell, plus the way the guy completely loses it, made me think it was real. I know personally that a lot of jws will talk about hell if they get mad enough. Saying "you're going to be unconscious just like sleep" just doesn't cut it if you're angry. I also have said many times that jw males have huge amounts of pent-up anger, and that guy definitely fits the bill.

  • JWdaughter

    i wonder if it is a set up. . .how many jws call strangers at the door 'brother'?

  • asleif_dufansdottir

    I'm pretty sure those weren't witnesses. I know the guys who made the video *called* them that, and may have even faked the video to make JWs look bad, but:

    1. they don't look like JWs...no book bag, something just doesn't look right
    2. calling him "brother"
    3. inviting them to a get-together with refreshments? not JW
    4. threatening them with hell

    Assuming the video wasn't fake, my guess would be that they are from some other (probably small, local) Christian group and the 'householders' just assumed anyone who was going door-to-door on Saturday morning waking people up must be JWs.

  • tijkmo

    staged....and not even funny

  • atypical

    tijkmo - what a party pooper you are! Just kidding. I agree it may be staged, but not for the reasons listed. If you listen carefully, the man at the door says he is inactive, which is why he gets called "brother". I am considered inactive, and I get called "brother" all the time - especially when an elder leaves me a message on my phone inviting me to meetings.

    As far as the hell thing, I have heard countless witnesses use that term when they get mad. Telling someone they will lay unconscious in hades just doesn't carry the same weight, you know?

    Also, since I have been inactive I have been hounded in a similar way - and a lot of the times witnesses have knocked at my door it has been to try to get me to come to some kind of "upbuilding" get-together (which always includes boring refreshments).

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