Reclaiming a kingdom hall.

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  • vomit

    It seems that some of you live in areas with a lot of people, that left. If there were enough of you that left and incontact with eachother. Would it be possible to reclaim a hall. Since you previously contributed to that hall. Although some halls are dedicated to the society. What about halls that name an elder as the holder of the deed. If that elder turned apostate couldnt he change that hall into an apostate hall if he got enough people and pushed the rest out. Although I wouldnt last long, it would cause a huge town/press scandel.

  • Crumpet

    Unfortunately I think once it is gifted/donated/or deed of covenanted away the acty is considered voluntary and is irredeemable!

    Nice idea though!

  • Stealth453

    I'm not sure, but I would guess that the watchliar society has filled every loophole when it comes to what they consider to be theirs. They are a business first, and spend millions on their legal department.

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Google Bonham Texas Kingdom Hall, or just read here:

    No Apologies

  • blondie

    Currently, each congregation that holds the territory the KH building resides in, forms a non-profit corporation with 3 elders (usually the service committee). Each year they submit a form to the IRS confirming they still meet the requirements to be a non-profit corporation. None of these men are considered owners. If one leaves the congregation or dies, another is appointed. The one who leaves does not have any stake in the building or properties. If the congregation is dissolved, the building, property and any other monies revert to the parent non-profit corporation, the WTS.

    This is what happens in the US; I don't know what the laws re non-profit corporations in other countries.


  • xjwms

    If anyone here wants to reclaim an old kingdom hall.....................

    you'll need a liquor license.....and a bose stereo system

    so that a good time would be had by all ...... whatduhyathink?

  • Dune

    I work as the assitant account servant and the account servant explained the process to me.

    The congregation is given the full value of the hall from the WTBS at the begining. So for the next 10 or so years, the congregation(s) is paying the cost of the hall back to the WTBS. Then when they're finished they have to start paying insurance (i think). But i think the hall is considered the WTBS property, i can check though.

  • blondie
    But i think the hall is considered the WTBS property, i can check though.

    If the congregation has borrowed money from the WTS, as long as they owe that money, the percentage they owe, the WTS owns. When the loan is paid off, the WTS has not legal ownership any more than your bank or credit union owns your house after you pay off the loan.

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