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  • HAL

    Gather round my children for your educational seminar.
    Why do you think there are 190 forum members, but only 6 or 7 post?
    Sites like this are most useful to us to determine the number and strength of the so-called “reform movement”.
    Once identified, most receive loving direction and no longer post. Many who remain are typical born-again posers, “witnesses” who left years ago, or individuals assigned by us to stimulate conversation.
    (Note how the composite “Simon” posts when things are slow. If you really want to meet him, he and his mates can often be found downing a Timothy Taylor at Duke’s.)
    The Internet is our friend. Previously, we only had knowledge of a few scattered cells. Now that they are anxious to publicise themselves, we have discovered how weak and disorganized the “movement” truly is.
    As it has been through the centuries, the “man of lawlessness” is the primary culprit, and remains so today.
    The recent reorganization was a brilliant move that has them on the defensive. Change has kept us vibrant and confused our enemies. It is what would be expected of Jehovah’s people.

  • RedhorseWoman
    RedhorseWoman ARE funny....a little weird....definitely ego-centric....but FUNNY!! Tell me, do YOU believe the crap you post here? Or do you just expect others to believe it?

  • AhHah

    Hey HALitosis (no apology - the handle fits, so wear it),

    I'm just venturing a wild guess here ... but are you an immature 15 year old? Don't you have a video game or something that you'd rather be playing? That post was really lame. If you are going to post fiction, you could at least try to make it somewhat believable!

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  • waiting

    Yo Hal,

    To quote you:

    The Internet is our friend.

    Another quote you should definitely keep close to your heart:

    The state-appointed physchiatrist is not your friend.

    Seems you live a confusing life, even for a dub-dub.


  • Simon

    I hate to break it to you, but we are not a 'movement' or cells, we don't hold secret meetings or have code names or secret handshakes or anything like that (though it does sound kind-a-fun).
    We are all individuals with free will who have made our own mind up about our own lives.
    As for:

    The recent reorganization was a brilliant move that has them on the defensive. Change has kept us vibrant and confused our enemies. It is what would be expected of Jehovah’s people.

    Just who is on the defensive? The society is the one being forced to change to protect itself and this obviously bothers you a great deal. Is it because you sense that it is a panic measure perhaps? All is not well in Oz is it?

  • Simon

    BTW: Can someone enlighten me as to what a Timothy Taylor at Duke’s is?

  • TR

    Yo, YO, Halitosis!

    It's kind of fun to have a resident village idiot around. You know, someone to pick on. I apologized to you on another post, but not being sincere, you want to play the part, I guess. You were spewing the same dribble on this forum awhile back. Trying to give it nother shot? You see, 'tosis, once your mind is freed from the WTS, you're actually able to think rationally, and for yourself! What a concept, 'tosis! Take breath mint, and try again.

    I know my comments won't make a difference to you, but hopefully something some day will make you go hmmmmmm, something just isn't right about this religion. That way you can take credit for finally thinking for yourself.


  • Peter

    Oh, boy.

    I feel like a character in the Twilight Zone.

    I was checking out old posts and came across this one. I wish I didn't, but now feel somewhat obliged to respond.

    Hal, tell me you are joking. Please. Don't tell me this is a serious comment.


  • waiting

    Hey Peter,

    To his credit, and ours, Simon took the highroad with Hal and others (or the same fool):

    The best way to convince a fool that he is wrong is to let him have his own way. Josh Billings

    Maybe when the kid grows up, she/he will come and really talk with us. Seems right now, he/she just keeps on posting in a fool's way.


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