37 dead as quake triggers tsunami

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  • colorado5591

    From CNN [b] JAKARTA, Indonesia (CNN) -- A major earthquake off the coast of Java and a tsunami that followed has killed at least 37 people, but the death toll is expected to rise as the search for victims moves ahead, according to an Indonesian official.[/b] [url]http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/asiapcf/07/17/indonesia.earthquake/index.html[/url] My older brother Wyatt lives on that island in the city of Yogyakarta 8O 8O [b]the location of his city[/b] 8O [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/e7/IndonesiaYogyakarta.png[/img] MAp from CNN :sadhug: [img]http://i.a.cnn.net/cnn/interactive/maps/world/indonesia.tsunami/popup.indonesia.quake.gif[/img] Let's all hope he is ok and we get word from him soon! He was recently affected by the earthquake over there and now this?!? He seriously needs to come home! I'm so scared for him!

  • LDH


    Just heard this. You're in my thoughts, let us know.

  • MonkeyPrincess

    My first thought was about Wyatt when I saw this posted.

    Let me know when you hear from him Ame's, I'm going to be worried too!

    Love ya!

  • Uzzah

    A strong undersea earthquake off the southern coast of Indonesia's Java island on Monday triggered a tsunami that swept away buildings at a popular beach resort.

    Tsunami warning for Java's southern coast and nearby Christmas Island, south of the Indonesian archipelago, was issued by the U.S.-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

    As of late Monday evening 44 people were reported dead, 68 injured, and over 2000 displaced. A search is still going on to find those who may have been swept away by the tsunami waves .

    There were no reports of casualties or damage in any other country. But the news caused panic across the region.


    The above is from a report I just received from Jakarta. It sounds like the flooding was very localized which is good news for your family members. Of interest localized waves such as this are not new but that area has a fairly long history. It's just the tsunami of December 2004 was of such magnitude that any 'tsunami' is now world news. Fortunately the numbers of lives lost with this one is very low. Still a tragedy whenever anyone dies or suffers.

  • bule

    Im good sorry for the late reply been geez 2 weeks now it did kinda screw up my beach going plans for that weekend following beach was kinda trashed i guess the death toll stands at about 700 now. As for Mt Merapi people have been allowed back to there homes at the base of the volcano. As for the earthquake two months ago still lotsa people living in temporary shelters or tents and will be for a good while to come. The NGO's are starting to pack up and leave as well so it will be up to the people and the Indonesian Government to take care of the rest. We're still takin food and water out to some of the people but it seems to be as under control as possible but this is Indonesia after all and things move soooooooo slow anyways take care and thanks again for the injection amy was much needed!!!

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