My co-worker dx with Melanoma

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  • damselfly

    She's only 24.

    She's watched this mole grow and change for 3 years before she finally (at all of our urging) went to the doctor.
    They aren't sure how far it has spread so they are doing more testing to determine how much of the surrounding leg tissue they will have to remove.
    It's very invasive apparently (the type she has) and she will have to have radiation and chemo. It doesn't look good for the future.

    Please wear sunscreen and get your moles and skin checked for types of skin cancer.

    More info here


  • misanthropic

    Yeah that is awful. There was something on the news here about a 16 year old girl getting melanoma from tanning in those tanning beds. I used to tan but I don't do it anymore.

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