Return to the K.H.?

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  • TR

    Lately, I've been toying with idea of visiting the local cong. to find out wassup in the local territory. The trouble is, some might recognize me. I could just attend the ministry school. They usually talk about local problems there. Maybe this could add to my understanding of what the local JW's are thinking these days. Watcha think?


  • puppylove

    Actually, I think that having someone scan in a KM every month would be less painful (do you really think you could sit through a meeting?)

  • TR


    you may be right. Could I hack a full meeting? Wow. Not Sure. Do you know any one who scans a k.m. and posts it? I just thought it would be interesting to get a feel for the local thoughts of JW's where I live, and compare it to other areas.


  • Grunt

    I would never go to a Kingdom Hall again except to prove a point. The point being that I'll go anywhere I damn well please. Since proving that point would be arrogant and since I am trying real hard to be humble and loving, then I won't do it. As my mom and dad are still IN I have been tempted to go with them on a Sunday when I was up, but it would only give Mom false hopes. Plus I'd probably chew my tongue off to keep from making comments that would embarass them and might wind up costing me my parents. What a religion. Every Witness knows enough to be able to see what a crock so much of what they say is, like knowing them for the love they will have for one another, when you have parents and children refusing to speak, not over sins mentioned in the Bible but over sins mentioned in Brooklyn. As in "Thou Shalt Believe in 1914." or "Thou Shalt Get In X Hours of Door To Door Magazine Work" or "Thou Shalt Not Consider Thyself As Good As Us!!!" The last being the Supreme Commandment. Nope, best I stay away, and best I don't get the magnetic signs made for my car denouncing some their beliefs which I find particulary repugnant. Not if I want to speak to my parents or one of my children.

  • AhHah


    Your post captures the living nightmare, the frustration that so many of us have to live with. How does one remain silent with loved ones, knowing that any effort made to enlighten them will probably just alienate them and likely prevent any possible future communication that might otherwise happen when they are ready? Every day I think about questions that I would like to pose to them, to help them wake up to the reality of their religion.

    I was thinking about asking how they feel about the JW practice of disfellowshipping -- whether it is really scriptural and consistent with Christian love. How would they feel if I told them that Christ never intended for elders to meet in judicial committees and pass judgment on their brothers? Would they feel that I do not have God's spirit? The point is, that soon the Borg will probably say those very same things when they reverse their unchristian practice -- to save their own asses from being dissolved in many countries. How will they feel then, if I have made them react now to what they believe is a true Christian practice? Would it make a difference? Would it make them think?

  • Simon

    My dad has been over from Canada and I visited the hall with him. It was wierd !
    Most of the people were nice and friendly and welcoming. The talsk and watchtower was just as I remember it though. Lots of cliches and the same worn-out phrases. Not as many people there as used to go though - just 103 whereas there used to be well over 140.
    I don't miss any of it.
    The hardest part is biting your tongue and not pointing out errors/lies as they are telling them.
    The elders were particularly glad to see me...very welcoming and friendly...then turned up later to invite me to a 'dicussion' at the kingdom hall to go through my beliefs. I told them I was happy with them and would need more notice to arrange a solicitor - haven't heard from them since (I'll keep you posted)

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