As our grand dad's like to say: "That's how they get'cha!!!"

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  • Elsewhere

    Why are product filters so hard to find???

    I have a Pur water purifier for my kitchen faucet, about 10 years old, and a Eureka vacuum cleaner with a hepa filter, about five years old. Both work great and require their filters to be replaced every so often. Over the last few weeks I've been keeping an eye out for replacement filters while out shopping but I have discovered that I cannot find them anywhere! It's like the manufactures suddenly decided that there is no one left in the world could possibly be using these products!

    I looked around on the Internet and I did find them, but the prices are substantially higher than what they were in the past and on top of that I'll have to pay shipping fees!

    I guess they just want me to throw out two perfectly good products and buy new ones.

  • restrangled

    I'm with ya!!! I have an air purifier I paid big bucks for and can't find new filters, also my absolutely brand new air conditioner had a monster filtration system put on it and only one outfit sells the new filters for very big bucks. I keep taking it out and vacuuming the sucker. (filters are $100.00 ....come on!

    In other words, they got me!


  • misanthropic
    I guess they just want me to throw out two perfectly good products and buy new ones.

    That's totally what it has to be, I've had things like that where it was just not worth tracking down the parts. It's just another way to rip you off and what a waste too, because what you usually have works perfectly good if only replacement parts were easier to come by.

  • inbyathread

    We live in a replacement society. With a better and improved model coming out next month. How many improvements have been made on the plug-in room odorizer.

    1. Original

    2. More scent to last 2-3 whole months.

    3. Outlet

    4. Fan

    5. Nightlight and Extra Outlet.

    6. Your guess as what the next improvement will be.

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