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  • carla

    Is it normal behavior for jw's to poke their nose in non jw's business? To tell them they are sinning? These would not be close friends but merely aquaintances. I am mortified and dread seeing these people. I will apologize for his behavior as another family member already has to members of this particular family. Is this what I can look forward too? Him going around town telling people how to make life changing decisions based upon his warped view of the world? Do other jw's do this? The only good thing going on here is another family member had already confided to this family about his psycho religion so they had a 'heads up'. I can understand why they do the door to door thing but this goes way beyond that in my opinion.

  • Finally-Free
    Him going around town telling people how to make life changing decisions based upon his warped view of the world? Do other jw's do this?

    Yup. The most stupid people on earth go about trying to educate everyone but themselves. It's a trademark of the JWs.


  • blondie

    My experience is that some jws do this; not all and not the majority in my experience. I never did and with all their other faults, my jw family never did. I found that people who did would be buttinskis even if they weren't jws.


  • carla

    Well he never would have dreamed of doing this before! Even he would have considered this in bade taste. I imagine he thought was trying to be helpful. Can I move now? just kidding.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    I think while it does depend on the person, something I would notice is that when JW's are still fairly new they can get a little overzealous. That was just my experience with people and certainly varies.

    Have you talked to him about it? Be honest and tell him how he is coming across to people? I understand that you want to apologize for his behaviour, but my knee jerk reaction on this is not to. I guess the reason why is because he is an adult. Maybe ask those that have been hurt to confront him themselves.

    I'm thinking off the top of my head Carla, I'm sorry that this is having such an affect on things for you.

    Take care


  • Seeker4

    Most Witnesses would not do this, but some can't help themselves.
    It's a symptom of being absolutely certain that you know better than everyone else because you're God's favored one and you've got THE TRUTH. You've got all the answers. Yup.

  • kls

    Yes Carla, it does happen and more then you would think. I saw this many times by my husband and other jws especially when they are freshly baptised and yes ,it is mortifying to say the least and embarrassing. I have seen jws do this to people in stores ,especially around Holidays and even children they don't even know.

    A sick warped cult makes sick warped members.

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