WBTS “hoist on it’s own petard”.

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  • yesidid

    If I read the judges ruling correctly and understand Ecclesiastical privilege there must only be one person privy

    to the "confessions" of a "sinner" It was suggested that to retain Ecclesiastical privilege the

    WBTS could change the JC to a JP (judicial person).

    Running with that, they could then call HQ with reports, so there is no paper trail. In theory that arrangement

    may retain or regain their Ecclesiastical privileges.

    However the big stopper would be the two witness rule. They must always have two witnesses.

    They insisted that little children have two witnesses for molestation. They cannot suddenly drop that rule.

    Now it comes back with bite.

    They can never have ecclesiastical privilege again, they are wide open and on display.

    Looks like are being hung on their own petard.


  • nicolaou

    Which 'judges ruling' would that be?

  • yesidid

    Hi Nic

    I was referring to Judge Raymond A. Guadagni, where he ruled that the WBTS must produce documents they said were

    confidental and for which they claimed penitential communication privilege.


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