Anything special at the DC on friday?

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    A friend of mine has been inviting me to attend the DC on Friday.

    She is pushing me to attend that specific day.

    Do you know if anything special is going on that day?

    Can somebody post the link of another poster where he outlines the information day by day?


  • blondie

    2006 "DELIVERANCE AT HAND" DISTRICT CONVENTION DAY 1 DAY'S THEME: "'I am with You,' Is The Utterance of Jehovah, 'To Deliver You'" - Jeremiah 7:23 MORNING 9:30 Music 9:40 Song No. 91 and Prayer 9:50 Be Attentive to Jehovah's Promies of Deliverance 10:20 Practice "The Things That You Have Learned" 10:50 Song No. 40 and Announcements 11:00 How Jehovah Delivers "the Poor One Crying for Help" 11:20 Behold "the Abounding Wealth of the Seas" 11:40 KEYNOTE ADDRESS:

    Jehovah's Provisions for Our "Everlasting Deliverance"

    12:10 Song No. 59 and Intermission AFTERNOON 2:00 Music 2:10 Song No. 38 2:15 Cherish Your Place in the Congregation 2:35 Jehovah Tenderly Cares for Older Ones 2:55 Deliverance From Painful Distress 3:15 The Role of Angels in Rendering "Public Service" 3:35 Song No. 74 and Announcements 3:45 Symposium: Jehovah - "Provider of Escape" During Pre-Christian Times

    During the First Century

    In Modern Times

    In the Future 4:45 No Opposing Weapon or Tongue Will Succeed 5:15 Song No. 92 and Closing Prayer Judge for yourself if anything sounds "interesting"

  • flag

    Well, nothing out of the ordinary.

    I wonder why is she insisting on me attending on Friday.

    Anyways, I already told her that I wont be able to go.

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