Any more news on the Bethel Elder Ped?

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  • buffalosrfree

    Has there been any more news out about the rectum circle the caught on 26June06 Caneo, Manuel something or other? When this has been mentioned to some it seems that their ears just close off and they can't hear you or doubt your veracity. It would help if we could get some on line news paper reports of it and copy/download them and show them to them.

  • dirtyface1

    I read in the Mid-Hudson News yesterday that Jesus Cano was indicted by an Orange County Grand Jury on several charges relating to three alleged incidents in the City of Middletown. Coincidently enough, as I waited for the bus yesterday on Lexington and 42nd to go home from work, a woman began walking towards me with little eye contact. I thought she just wanted to cut the line so paid no mind to it. Then she turns to me as the bus driver opens the doors to let the passengers off. As we waited for the passengers to get off the bus, the lady turns to me and offers me a tract. She was a dub. At first I said, "Sorry, no thanks. But thought to myself, I have been waiting to talk about this JW Pedo, Jesus Cano, for the longest to a dub. So I said, "Did you read the news about the indictment of a Bethel Elder, Jesus Cano." The words were not completely out of my mouth when she interrupted and said, "Yes, he is a traitor. Just like Jesus had Judas, this is our Judas." I told her, "I kind of figured you would respond like that (I remembered reading on this forum the way the Dubs would respond), and I would think the Roman Catholics can use the same excuse." She then said, "Jehovah is cleaning out his organization." The way she said that was very "automatic" for a lack of a better word. It's like the Dubs during their "field service" meeting before going out to "preach" they were briefed on what to say when confronted with the JW PEDO news. Anyways, to her remark about the cleaning of Jehovah's organization I replied, "if it weren't for the cops catching that a**h**e, he would have still been in there stalking little boys and giving out tracts like you." She was most obviously upset repeating "Jehovah is cleaning his organization" and turned around and did not get on the bus. So I got on the bus. When I was on the bus I looked out the window and the dub had been staring at me. So I smiled, pointed to her and with the same index finger made circles around my ear -- signing that she was crazy. Not only for regurgitating what was told her about the JW Pedo, but for standing out in the unbearable heat peddling her tracts. Seems like it's peddle tracts month, because she is not the only looney I saw with tracts in their hands yesterday afternoon.

  • SirNose586

    Cano got caught because a boy did the right thing and police were notified. If Jehovah is really "cleaning out his organization," as this woman keeps parroting, then why won't they completely abolish the two-witness rule, and encourage people to contact local authority?

  • Kenneson
  • blondie

    Thanks, kenneson. It didn't show up on Google News. I have bookmarked that site.

  • dirtyface1

    An organization of PARROTS!

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