Mark Nevejans paases away (from Bethel/Franz era)

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  • Dogpatch

    I was very sad to hear of this, Mark was one of the BA's at Bethel during the Franz Incident, and a good guy! He died of brain cancer, a friend who was at Bethel just told me via email.


    Mark Nevejans, Respected Industry Veteran, Passes.

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    Tape-Disc Business

    Mark Nevejans, president and founder of EPI (Electro Products Inc), and a respected member of the media manufacturing industry, died on September 2, 2000, after a two-year battle with brain cancer (TDB, Sept. '00). He was 49 years old.

    Nevejan's involvement in this industry spanned several decades. He began his career at Watchtower, where his duties included overseeing various duplication responsibilities. In his next post as a member of the AGFA tape sales team, Nevejans gained greater exposure to the broader audio community and it was in this capacity that many of us had ...

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  • mouthy

    R.I.P brother

  • SadElder

    Thanks for the update. I remember Mark fondly and his Bethel roomy Carl Johnson. Lost contact with them years ago.

    Knew Mark's brothers too. Neal - in Texas soemwhere. Roger- heard he was in some other country now. Carl .. don't know where he is. John still at Bethel, but heard he is being downsized, er sent out in to the field. Sister April married some prick fellow from Wallkill.

    Any word on Mark's wife Lucy?

  • fjtoth

    I knew Mark too. I weep due to the loss of such a fine person. When I heard at Bethel that he had left "the Truth," I was disappointed. Like many others, I assumed he had engaged in too much "independent thinking" and had gone off the deep end. There were many hateful things said about him by Bethelites who hardly knew him.

    Years later, after my eyes were opened, Mark was one of those I most wanted to run into again, but I had no idea where he might be.

    Mark was a diligent worker at Bethel. He was intelligent, bright, generally cheerful and a genuine friend to many.


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