Would a Jehovah's Witness believe these basic Christian beliefs?

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  • Grits

    This was taken from another board where we don't have many JW's posting and would like the input of people who have been there. ATTENTION all Christians...... We all know that there are many things that divide us as Christians into different denominations and differents "sects"....mostly these things have to do with differing interpretations of things in the bible. But I want to do an experiment and find out what unites us. I want to know what kind of a "creed" we could come up with if we only put things in it that we could ALL agree upon were true. I want to include all Christians in this.....everyone who claims the name of Christ is included.....universalists, Mormons, JW's, preterists etc. I will start the list.....if there is ANYTHING on this list that you disagree with, then say so....you don't even have to give a reason for the disagreement....just say "I don't believe that is true" and we will strike it from the list. If you want to add something to the list...then we will, and see if everyone will agree with it. I want to see just how many things truly unite us in our beliefs and what beliefs are really UNIVERSAL among all believers.... Here's my list (add to it or disagree with it as you will) 1There is a life beyond this physical existence. 2 God (Elohim) created mankind as male and female 3 Mankind was created for a purpose. 4 God (Elohim) has a special attachment to his children. [who these children are would certianly be a point of contention] 5 Jesus (Yeshua) is the way to the Father 6 God (Elohim) is sovereign 7 Jesus (Yeshua) is the saviour 8 We are to love God (Elohim) foremost, one another and others- (do unto others as you would have them do to you) 9 God (Elohim) wants obedience from His followers 10 Sin displeases God (Elohim) 11 God (Elohim) wants us to repent, turn away from sin and live a holy life. 12 . God (Elohim) is just 13 We are to live by faith 14. God (Elohim) wants a relationship with us 15 God (Elohim) is love 16 Love is the supreme virtue 17 God (Elohim) wants us to know His will 18 God (Elohim) will guide us, if we will let Him 19 We should obey the 10 commandments 20. Jesus (Yeshua) taught and lived the truth 21 Jesus (Yeshua) is Lord, has always been Lord and will always be Lord. 22 Jesus (Yeshua) is the resurrection and the life 23 Jesus (Yeshua) is the lamb slain from the foundation of the world 24 Jesus (Yeshua) is the Christ 25 Jesus (Yeshua) is the light of the world 26 Christians (believers) should exhibit the fruits of the Spirit 27 God (Elohim) created everything seen and unseen 28 God (Elohim) wants us to seek His will and follow it 29 Jesus Christ (Yeshua Messiach) is the Word of God 30. Sin separates us from God (Elohim) 31-Jesus (Yeshua) is the Alpha and Omega

  • Stealth453

    Way too much religion dude....try masturbation.

  • vitty

    Jehovahs witness dont believe that Christ is the mediator for ALL mankind, he is the mediator for a select 144,00.

    Most JWs dont even know this doctrine themselves, I was one for 20 years and didnt realize it till I left 2 years ago.

  • Grits

    Hi vitty, Thanks for your response. So you are saying they would not believe #'s 5 + 7?

  • Terry

    The difference between mainstream Christian belief and C.T.Russell's teachings was mainly centered around the Adventist obsessions about date-setting and end times. It blossomed into quirky preoccupations with Pyramidology and propping up the chronology aspects of Armageddon.

    Judge Rutherford put this into overdrive. Rutherford sought to transform HIS invention (hijacked Russellism) into a contrarian status for "true Christianity" which would be so radical as to be prickly and obnoxious (just as he was personally.)

    The constant drumbeat in the Watchtower Society's publications was toward making JW's absolutely un recognizable as mainstream Christians to the point they were a travesty of the religion.

    There was hardly a tenet of belief that was not stood on its head in the effort to put a thumb in the eye of every minister, priest, rabbi and government official who got near a Kingdom Hall.

    The changing of the name from Bible Students to JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES is the final nail in the coffin of rabid contrariness.

    Jehovah's Witnesses find dispossessed personalities and give them a means of gaining the moral high-ground after a lifetime of being the butt end of the joke. The court jester can flip the bird at the King in this religion.

    Being a JW is to learn to gaze with pride into the wrong end of the telescope and declare that one's fellow man is so far from the Truth as to be worthy of ridicule and scorn (and ultimately deserving of death.)

    A Jehovah's Witness is pathologically obsessed with the coming of a world holacaust that will end the lives of humanity and this pleases them no end! In fact, they pray for it to happen quickly!

    These are sick neurotics with a personality disorder who only cover themselves with the mantle of Christianity to get near the flock so that they can inflict bites on the unwary sheep who graze in the pasture of hope and brotherhood.

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