My comments on the transcript of the wt's news release video re:child abuse

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    My, sometimes caustic comments, in red. Transcript of Video News Release J. R. Brown, Grade 2 graduate Organizational Spokesman for Jehovah's Witnesses Pickins is slim these days. Philip Brumley, General Counsel for Jehovah's Witnesses Greasy lawyer that couldn't make a go of it in the real world. Jehovah's Witnesses' Response to Inquiries not to mention a few thousand charges and court cases on Child Abuse Damage control by mind controllers Mr. Brown: Child abuse is an evil. It's an evil of our time; it's an evil in our society. We are getting caught ,so lets all dance And so we abhor it. Lets all dance really fast to really loud music. The Bible says you should "hate what is bad" but we don't give a rat's batter sack what the bible says unless it supports what the watchwanker society says and that certainly would include child abuse. Really really loud music and lots of scotch. We have a number of initiatives we've taken to make sure children are protected. And one is to make sure parents are educated.Name another one dumbass. And over the past 10 to 15 years, we've published numerous articles and other materials lists of safe diddler web sites, especially for the elders, telling them what needs to be done to help those who have been victimized in this way. The 11th commandment...thou shall not get caught, not that any of the first ten mean anything. Mr. Brumley:Grease-ball Our top priority next to increasing our revenues by 90% this first quarter is to protect the victims.(meaning the reputation (haha) of the watchmefondleachild society) And we want to make sure that whatever steps need to be taken are taken,once again, dipstick, name one both by the elders, by the relatives,shut up or be df'd with the coveted A tag before your next meal and by the congregation in general. Our second priority has to do with the perpetrators.history has proven them to be one and the same We are concerned about their receiving the help they need.No publicity, it kills donations and baptisms of 9 year olds (that can't rat out the elders for playing "lick my Lolli-Pop") Our third priority is to see to it that secular authorities are indeed informed of the accusation.If someone had a gun (I mean the real boom boom kind) in your mouth, would alerting the police be your third priority? Mr. Brown: We have no objection to the laws of the land as long as those bad bad government people don't make us pay taxes that come into play to be enforced on whatever has taken place there. Crime is crime. And we recognize there are penalties for crimes committed. Really??!!?? Say like defrauding millions of people out of their lives, careers, families and sanity? When we speak of child abuse, we have to look at (the watchwanker) society as a whole. This has become a burning (std pun inserted) issue in the last 20 or 30 years. Thats funny, it was 10 to 15 a few paragraphs ago. Or were you referring to the amount of jail time you bastards should get?.And so (the) society in general has been, more or less, More, from where I stand plagued with this problem.But you (the wt society) have always said that 'you were diferent and not part of "society in general". And all sorts of organizations and agencies are grappling with how to best handle this. Ok, and...........................???????

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    Hmmmm...not a single comment....that surprises me.

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    Right on

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    Thank you...

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    The WTS has been reactive in this matter. If the issue had not received as much publicity as it had, I bet there would have been few changes.

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    You are bang on, and the publicity has been for the most, originating here, on this forum.

    We all desrve a big round of aplause.

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