DC convention and financial irresponsibility

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  • sinis

    I have heard dubs say in the past that since the end is coming, its ok to have debt or live a debt heavy life - thinking the end of this system will obsolve them of there financial burden. I've seen more than a few posts here about the DC and the underlying theme of the end is VERY soon, so soon that we might not be here next year. So with that in mind does anyone think that some, if not a few, might plunge into financial debt thinking the end will take care of any debt accumulated in this world?

  • elliej

    My husband and I were very close friends with an elder who carried an astonishing amount of credit card debt. Enough to keep me awake at night and it wasn't even my problem. His theory was that he would never have to pay them off anyway, so why not?

  • Scully

    I've seen this played out already in the 70s. Brothers™ in our area were building houses that they couldn't afford, mortgaged up the yin-yang and then had to sell or risk foreclosure when Armageddon didn't come in '75. Every single one of them moved far far away and had to start over.

  • Leolaia

    I am reminded of some past statements:

    "Well, sell your house, sell everything you own and say oh boy, how long can I carry on with my private means. That long? Get rid of things! Pioneer!" (Branch Overseer for the Netherlands, Divine Purpose District Assembly, Utrecht, Holland, August 1974).
  • DaCheech

    I have family in this problem.... see my other topic I started yesterday

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