My happy sunburned family

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  • merfi

    The kiddos are home this weekend. (Dad is still JW) I think they already just 'know' that when they come home, there is no silly jehoober stuff going on. We have fun instead.

    We just got back about 1/2 hour ago from a small-town pool. We left here around 130, drove by the KH and saw all the cars of those poor suckers sitting in there getting their brains sucked out and replaced with WT spew. It felt really good to just I *did* give the kids one last chance and asked "guys -- meeting! Should be turn around, get spiffy and go?" They all looked at me funny and said, with 'duh' voice "no!" And off we went... The pool is managed by a friend of mine (a wonderful, non-judgemental, great to be with WORLDLY girl) so the kids automatically passed the diving board / deep end test. (yes, they can swim -- they're fish). My 8yo has jumped off the boards before, but today he DOVE! I was so proud... My 10yo mostly jumped, had a couple belly flops, but kept trying until she did dive once or twice. The 12yo did it all as well. And they wouldn't do it at first until *I* did, so I had a great time diving as well. (I just looove diving -- like flying....) We spent the whole afternoon there, and are now fixin to slap something on the grill, do DQ later and probably stay up too late.

    This all sure beats sitting in a nasty KH for two hours listening to drivel (and freezing to death -- my old KH was always at arctic setting on the therm) and being shunned by former 'friends', watching said 'friends' fawn all over my babies and invite them to "come over for cards and pizza. We might play tennis later, too!" to which their mother would have to say that it's "family day not cult day" or some such evil comment that would cause a dropped jaw and some chatter the next couple weeks....

    Off to find the after-sun lotion... Such a good day.

    of the "SPF 45 class"

  • Stealth453

    Sure beats the hell out of sitting in the heat listening to just how close the end is again. Good for you. It's nice to enjoy real family time. Not jogie family torture.


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