YORWW & Genesis 3:15 Explained

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    YORWW & Genesis 3:15 Explained

    When one comes to possess a correct understanding of the profound prophecy found at Genesis 3:15, one has taken a major step in finally coming to understand God's Word, as it is meant for us today.

    To that end, the following article we (YORWW Congregation) believe, could in a "nutshell" provide an inquiring person the core tenets of our beliefs, and quickly show a person exactly what our discussion boards are all about, actually.

    In short you will find, the CrossingEuphrates/Livingwatersforum discussion boards are actually based upon the following premise, as clearly shown in the following article, at this link found below:

    One Big Mistake Made By All Mankind!


  • IP_SEC

    Mitochondrial DNA LMAO! Good one.

  • Leolaia

    Genesis 3:15 is not a messianic prophecy and simply describes the enmity between Eve's descendents (i.e. us humans) and snakes. The view that the "seed" refers to an individual "Messiah" and that the snake represents "Satan" is a much later post-exilic reinterpretation of the passage.

  • bjc2read

    An interesting thought from the article states that 'in attempting to interpret this special prophetic statement, God's people have experienced much 'cognitive dissonance.' The article then goes on to explain why this is true.


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