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  • Gill

    A concerned JW, Watchtower reader wanted to know in the 2006 August Awake!, Questions from Readers, why one JW had not been disfellowshiped. He asked: 'This series mentioned the experience of Hilario, who drank for 30 years and who had 'many relapses'. He stated that those in the congregation 'were always by my side to give me encouragement.' But should he not have been reproved or even expelled from the Christian congregation?' R.L. United States 'Awake!' responds: 'The brief description Hilario's experience does not state at what point during his 30 year struggle with alcohol he actually became a baptized Christian. Nor does it state if he was ever reproved by congregation elders. The article does state that Hilario was give 'timely Bible counsel,' which occasionally is done in a judicial setting. Dealing with alcoholism sometimes involves relapses, as it did in Hilario's case. As to how such matters are handled when a baptized Christian is involved, please se 'YThe Watchtower,' May 1 1983, pages 8-11.' As is often the case with the WTBTS, it's what it doesn't say that is equally or more important than what it does say.

  • serendipity

    That question shows such loving, Christian concern.

  • Robdar

    Have an occasional relapse with a cigarette, though, and yo ass is deleted.

  • Gill

    Robdar - A little fornication can have the same effect!!!!

  • anewme

    The WTS is full of little self appointed police.

    Everyone is under the ever watchful eye of these protectors of the faith.

    Some people get away with light admonition for years. Others receive the axe.

    Thats just the way it is in a man made organization.

  • blondie

    Actually, the way they handle lapses in drinking can be the way the handle it regarding smoking.


    w96 1/15 pp. 18-19 pars. 14-17 Jehovah’s Sheep Need Tender Care ***

    Suppose, then, that a recently baptized publisher formerly had a drinking problem and lapsed into overindulgence on one or two occasions. Or perhaps he overcame a long-standing tobacco habit but yielded to the temptation to smoke privately a time or two. Even though our new brother has prayed for God’s forgiveness, he should seek the help of an elder so that the sin does not become habitual. (Psalm 32:1-5; James 5:14, 15) When he mentions his error to one of the elders, that elder should try to readjust the new one in a merciful way. (Psalm 130:3) Scriptural counsel may suffice to help him to make straight paths for his feet thereafter. (Hebrews 12:12, 13) This elder would discuss the circumstances with the presiding overseer of the congregation to determine what further assistance should be given.


    In some cases more may be needed. If notoriety, danger to the flock, or other serious problems are involved, the body of elders would assign two elders to investigate the matter. If these elders find that the matter is sufficiently serious that a judicial committee is needed, they should report this to the body of elders. The body of elders would then appoint a judicial committee to assist the erring one. The judicial committee should deal with him in a tender way. They should strive to readjust him with the Scriptures. If he responds to the kindly efforts of the judicial committee, then they could determine whether there would be any benefit in his not being used for parts on the platform at meetings in the Kingdom Hall or if he should be allowed to comment at meetings.


    If the erring one responds, an elder or two on the judicial committee could arrange to make shepherding calls intended to bolster his faith and build his appreciation for God’s righteous standards. Each of them might work with him in the field ministry from time to time. They may have a few Scriptural discussions with him, possibly using appropriate Watchtower and Awake! articles but not establishing a regular Bible study. With such tender care, the erring one may be strengthened to resist weaknesses of the flesh in the days ahead.


    Of course, having been baptized recently is no excuse for unrepentantly practicing sin. (Hebrews 10:26, 27; Jude 4) If any baptized wrongdoer does not repent and abandon his sinful course, he would be expelled from the congregation. (1 Corinthians 5:6, 11-13; 2 Thessalonians 2:11, 12; 2 John 9-11) When this action seems necessary, the body of elders will choose a judicial committee. If expulsion occurs, this brief announcement would be made: " . . . has been disfellowshipped."
  • joe_black

    If they were to disfellowship ones for hittin the yak, there wouldn't be any JW's left, at least in the congo's that are in my vicinity. I personally knew one elder who would get perty juiced up before giving the sunday talk or when he read the watchtower. Others in the congo thought he had a speech impediment, but I knew better, speech impediments don't come with breath that smells like Jim Beam, or clothes that reak of urine, lol.

  • happy man
    happy man


    Here is my expiriense of this.

    One man in our cong was qestioned if he have been drunk more than 3 times, ha was very hounest and say yes, they said then we must dfd you, beacuse you made this to an habit, ( more tha 3 times, he say he need help, but no, they dfd him, this man was very deprresed,)

    aspecially when it come forward that one of the highest man in the cong as was hunting him fore years, himself have an affair widh unother brothers wife, guess what happend only steep down as an elder and some reprof fore a short time, the bitternes is enormus, this was so extrem that most of the cong reakt, but was forced down from the society to bee quiet and dont complian, after all this was decided from elders and they are appointed from Jesus, if we complain we are against hes ruling over the cong( the elders judging was best friend too the sinning elder)

  • tijkmo


  • Gill

    anewme - The WTBTS's congregations are very much a police state. Each member is to report on other members. Whether you get into trouble is not a case of 'what you know/did' but 'WHO you know'. Blondie - it seems from that article that they are wanting to appear leninent to newly baptised ones...to begin with. But ..... Hilario had this problem for 30 years! It also amazed me that they are willing to disfellowship of the 'overdrinking' part of the scriptures but not the 'overeating' parts. If they disfellowshiped equally over both, there would be few JWs left. Joe Black - Thinking back, I knew MANY who drank heavily to relax, because they felt so pressurised by the WTBTS regime. Happy Man - The JW congregations are full of examples of inequalities such as the one you gave. I can think of a similar one, in which an elder was not disfellowshiped for running off and having an affair with a young sister, until 'civil war' almost broke out in the congregation. Then he was disfellowshiped for a couple of months. A young sister who had an affair is still disfellowshiped, despite going to all the meetings, two years later.

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