Perryville, Arkansas

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  • rekless

    Any Arkansasians here? If you live near Perryville pm me. thanks

  • Fatfreek

    Hmmm ... never knew where Perryville was till moments ago. We drive close by on our occasional trip to Bentonville to see family.
    If you're down near Locust Bayou drop in. Wife usually has beans and cornbread ready to heat up. I always have chardonnay ready to pour.
    A PM in advance will assure that we'll be home.

  • rekless

    Hi fat, Thanks for the invite, but I live in South Dakota My grand daughters live in Perryville. They no longer want to be JWs and both are dating out of the Org. They are not allowed to talk to me or my sons. We all lived in a small town in Northern California for 35 years until my wife died and I DAed myself and my sons went along with me. I have a daughter in Cal. who talks to them on a sly, that is why I know anything. I just wanted to find an ex that lived close tp PV so they may be able to be a voice of rreason to my GDs. THe beans and cornbread sounds good the wine is my favorite.I sure could go for a big cup of of "pot licker" If you ever get close to Menno, SD give me a call Dan Walker Thanks Dan

  • uninformed

    Rekless and Fats,

    I have a sister in Gravette. Visit there frequently. Is perryville close?

    Rekless, did you happen know the 'Careys' in or near the Shasta area?


  • CountryGuy

    Hi Rekless. You have a PM. (Oh and we're called Arkansans.)


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