Rutherford helped German Witnesses exiled from hostile countries

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  • slimboyfat

    According to Timothy White, Rutherford helped German Witnesses from central Europe relocate to safer countries. I had never come across this before. Has anyone got any more information on this? Here is the quote:

    German Witnesses elsewhere suffered also. The authorities in Yugoslavia, Hungary and Bulgaria feared German fifth-columnists and expelled German nationals from the country. Many Germans who left as refugees were Witnesses, and Rutherford bought farms for them in Australia, Africa and South America, which supported them while they continued the Witness work. (page 312)

    Seems Rutherford was not as bad as you apostates are always making out after all.


  • garybuss

    Rutherford gave away free farms . . . Wow! Nice guy!

  • Gill

    Seems Rutherford was a keen business man. HE bought farms, ie invested in real estate, and got free labour to take care of his investment. Clever bloke! Isn't the WTBTs still in that game now?

  • slimboyfat

    Why are you so quick to think the worst?

    After all, although he may have been misguided, Rutherford was a devout man who sincerely wished to please God and help his fellow man.

    Has anyone ever heard about this before or got any more information on it? If it is true Rutherford bought Germans farms, there should be life experiences or yearbook reports about it.


  • Stephanus
    Rutherford helped German Witnesses exiled from hostile countries

    And Hitler was a vegetarian non-smoker who loved children and animals, and hated dirty jokes.

    Your point is...?

  • blondie

    Other than Mr. White's verbal assertion to this, is there any other "proof"?


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