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  • Pistoff

    Hi all. As I sit here, I am listening to the WAV file of yesterdays sessions.
    First, there is the talk about the (usually dumbass, can't keep a job type) brother who decided to come to the convention instead of looking for work to feed his family.
    After all the articles about Jehovah NOT protecting us individually, he and the brother giving the talk conclude that...................JEHOVAH PROVIDES!!!!

    It it awful. I am listening to it to find the truly egregious comments I just know are in there...I will post them up when I find them.


  • JH

    When Jehovah doesn't provide, welfare checks come in.....

  • Pistoff

    UGH.........more of the same; another 5 people now line up to talk about losing jobs.............and RELYING ON JEHOVAH...EVEN though there is no guarantee. Wow, now a sister is talking about losing her husband, and the brother asks here what her first reaction to this was!! What an ass.

    (Hilarious, in a way; she said her husband was killed doing temporary work in Africa...really he was there to check on business opportunities!! Better story this way, I guess.)

    More of the same; lost jobs, etc; they decide to just trust in Jehovah and go in service more. Then a job appears, and VOILA Jehovah provides.

    SO: the message I learn is--no guarantee that Jehovah provides, but if we do what we are supposed to he DOES provide!! The other side of the coin of course:

    If you are doing poorly, YOU MUST NOT BE PUTTING JEHOVAH FIRST.

  • JH
    The apostle Paul said that governments are "God’s minister to you for your good." (Romans 13:4) So any grants, any help in the way of pension plans or medical insurance, even public assistance because of poverty, can all be properly accepted by a Christian who honestly qualifies.

    So God "provides" even through Welfare and Un employment insurance.

    So if brother X prays Jehovah to find a job, and ends up on welfare, God provided, but in a different way.....

    Praise the lord

  • ex-perfectdaughter

    The sad truth is God, if there is one, doesn't give a shit whether you have a job or not.

  • Kudra

    RRRRRRRR- this type of thing really steams me

    All the witnesses in our hall were SO anti govt with all it's corruption etc but lined right up for any assistance or welfare type opportunity.

    But whhhooooooaaah when the summonds came in to do jury duty and pay a little back to society, oooooohhhh no! Why would you help this dying old system along when you could go out in service.

    They were SO lazy. Ya know -forget about voting or doing ANYTHING to try to steer the local/fed govt to providing the kind of benefits you think help society -just trash any secular effort of citizens trying to help society in any way and just soak up all the welfare benefits you can.


    PS I am not anti welfare BTW, I accepted food stamps in college- but I also go out and register people to vote, try to get people in office who I think are good, etc.

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