Will The Governing Body Disfellowship JR Brown For Apostacy????

by frankiespeakin 5 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • frankiespeakin

    Well it's absolutely clear he crossed the line with his interview with LDH. I'm mean the man is a spineless jellyfish, because he wouldn't stick up for Jehovah's Organization and speak the truth. Good as spit in the GBs face.

    What more proof do they need. The man is an apostate plain and simple he should be brought before a committee, so that they can remove this wicked man from the organization. Just like he told LDH, the Committee should remove this apostate piece of spiritual filth so that he don't contaminate the rest.

  • Nina

    Nahhhhh. At best they will transfer him to another assignment.


  • stillajwexelder

    No I doubt they will do that - in fact I think he will stay in New York Bethel -I dont even think he will be reassigned

  • blondie

    Anyway, if he were df'd it would be by the body of elders of the local congregation he attends.

    Didn't the guy who had JR's job get "reassigned"?


  • candidlynuts

    oooo be funny if he was and then came here and spilled some REALLY big headquarter secrets and scandals lol

  • frankiespeakin

    He even acussed the GB of a cover up and being a embarrassment for doing so. Who can deny these charges?? by his own lips he convicts himself!!!. Reminds my of a watchtower that called such speach "rotten fruit and garbage". His head!!! I tell you his head will roll from a "Inquesitional Trial" as they apply the torture chamber of being DF'd by those who one timed admired him but latter got so sich of him and now they got him just where they wanted him at thier mercy, as they do to him just as he has done to so many.

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