Doctors and morality

by greendawn 2 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • greendawn

    Do you think that doctors really care about the physical well being and health of society members? Remember they make their living out of people becoming ill and clinics would rather see all their beds occupied by patients to maximise profits and in some countries they really know how to charge for their services.

    So are doctors really moral people eg do they do enough to prevent diseases rather than cure them or occasionally help poor people for free as a form of charity? Or are they all commercialised and dehumanised?

  • MsMcDucket

    The doctor that listens to you is the one that cares. There are some doctors just out there for name, fame, and gain; but many are out there because they truly enjoy helping people.

  • greendawn

    There are indeed doctors that care and often they do volunteer work to help in third world countries without any financial reward. These are the really ethical doctors.

    But as you said for some making money is the paramount concern. My take is that being a good doctor and being money minded don't mix.

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