Have any of you been to e-watchman?

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  • Silvia Plath
    Silvia Plath


    this site is also made up of many ex and CURRENT JW's, the difference is they all remain deeply committed to Christianity and bible study, but are extremely distrustful of the Watch tower orginanization and consider it to be a "pharisee" or a "false prophet" what the bible warns of. From what I am reading they seem to be the beginning movements of a break away sect, many of them praise Russell who seems to have been more spiritual and laid back and trace the demise of the movement with Rutherford, who began introducing all the messed up rules they have now. At least that's what I'm getting out of it. Imagine if this movement had the same message without the holiday restictions, or having to go to 3 meetings a week, being able to determine your own education, or such scrutiny over your life? They keep talking about how Christ said his burden was "light" but the Watchtowers burden is "heavy" . They have the same wierd artwork though, like the publications, its kind of surreal....It's almost as if they trying to get together and plan rebellion against the main governing body.

  • TheListener

    I read there. IMHO - They have morphed over the last year or so from being very pro-witness with some reservations to outright hostile toward the society.

    Some of the comments I read on there now would never have been tolerated a year or two ago.

    Once the seed of dissension is sown it grows grows grows.

  • smellsgood

    "many of them praise Russell who seems to have been more spiritual and laid back"

    maybe so. He was still a false prophet unfortunately. As well as into pyramidology, other occultic symbols.
    *sigh* he was wrong. the WT continues to be wrong. It'd be like trading in your vehicle with a transmission problem, for another vehicle that doesn't have a transmission problem, but it doesn't have brakes neither.


  • rassillon

    They are led by a retard who started the site. He fancys himself a Prophet. The people who follow him can't think for themselves. They get mad if you question him, or show his faults. There are claims that he plagurized some other guy's book is his recent book. I don't know cause I could stand reading his essays cause like I said he is a retard. weirdOs the bunch of them. but hey, whatever floats their boat. I could see it turning jim jones-ish. If they break away they will be just a bad copy of a bad cult. Just my opinion. -r

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    It seems to me that they try to explain their position outside of the organization by still insisting that the Witnesses are the center of the universe.
    I have come to see that the Watchtower is like many other religious groups and their history simply reflects that. To create ideas and theories which put the witnesses as something bigger and grander than just another high controll religious group is more fantasy than reality, e-watchtman included.

  • Warlock



  • arwen

    The e-watchman site is where I started this journey. I figured since he was still a Witness that it was not an apostate site and I read there quite a bit. This was before he was disfellowshipped. Then one day someone left the link to this board and I did the deed.............. I came here and read and read and read. Finally, one day I decided to take the first baby step and post and from that day I have never looked back and I have never been happier. I rarely go to e-watchman's site now. I am here every day though. You guys are my backup for now.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    Arwen, exactly the case with me, I was on there before he was DF'd also, and found it fascinating in the beginning, it was instrumental for opening my eyes to the real "TRUTH", when I continued reading on here and doing more research into other cultures that were around before the Hebrews IT WAS ALL OVER, I rarely go to that site anymore, it's just the same old people discussing the same old things, thinking that the Borg will be readjusted and that they are the evil slave, but change is coming bla,bla,bla. They still believe in the Bible BS, I'm beyond that now so I don't see any sense in it.


  • Silvia Plath
    Silvia Plath

    I think it's okay to believe in the bible or not believe in it, whatever floats your boat, I believe in the bible but I had a problem with telling other people what they should believe since I am not them, that was my problem with door to door, not every belief system works for every person. This one size fits all approach to spirituality the JW's had was too simplistic for me.

    When I told Carol that leaving my bible study had nothing to do with how I felt about Jehovah, she didn't understand. It could be that they are having problems letting go of thier doctrine even though they now mistrust thier organization. I guess I still believe in God because his presence is self-evident in the nature of existence itsself, much for the same reason Thomas Aquinas did. I can't let a cult destroy that, still it was interesting reading that site, because its been about a hundred years and it looks as if they are having thier own mini "protestant reformation" going on! It's kind of funny if you think about, the organization is turning on itself. LIke you said that site might be the gateway to this one, where they question a bit and then move on.

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