7/7 anniversary

by bubble 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • bubble

    I'd just like to send my love the families of last year's 7/7 victims.

    London has recovered but I'm sure they still feel so much pain. My thoughts are with you all today.

    Love Bubble. XXX

  • mouthy

    Yes me too ...Sad affair

  • heretic

    Yep it was this time last year that i was working in central london when they went off (i guess allah missed me). it was thursday, I took friday off and went by train to englishmans bbq on the saturday hoping these apostates id heard so much about werent deterred. The place looked quiet from the front, on entering I heard a few voices, as i got to the back i was greeted with a yard choc a bloc with heathenistic spawns of satan, ahh a great day followed.

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