JWs look like "off-duty prozac-popping bank tellers"...

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  • Jankyn

    Hi, guys. Found this one on the Alternet blog site, and had to share:

    From "But what if I think 'people of faith' are a little crazy?" by Jan Frel. http://www.alternet.org/blogs/themix/38280/

    I have two people in my close family who are long-time members of some very weird Christian splinter groups. One of them, who I won't identify, is a Jehovah's Witness. This relative -- an adherent for more than 20 years -- walks around, knocks on doors, passes out literature with some of the most laughable illustrations I've ever seen in my life. The most common pastiche is one composed of what look like off-duty prozac-popping bank tellers walking around in mocked-up nature scenes that most resemble a Hawaiian golf course in the adoring company of fuzzy mammals -- such as smiling tigers and koala bears. In the Jehovah Witness' world, this is supposed to be a depiction of paradise on Earth, when in fact it's litmus proof that 9th-rate minds are cooking up a weak broth of religious fantasy that makes the Left Behind series look as real as the pile of parking tickets in my glove compartment. Luckily for them, poor suckers like this relative of mine are satisfied with this Motel 6 version of Christianity.

    And check out this pic and caption:

    No, no, that tiger won't bite. This is paradise on earth.

    I love it: "the Motel 6 version of Christianity."

    Hope you enjoy.


  • Inquisitor
    prozac-popping bank tellers

    "I'll check... computer says 'Nooooooooooo....' <cough+spit>"

    My apologies to those who've never seen Little Britain. If you haven't yet seen Little Britain, you should!!

    To those of you who have, have you ever met a JW who looked like that bank teller?


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  • Virgochik

    I'm sure they would be amazed if they read this! The Dubs are very proud of their art, and think it's a marvelous, inspired depiction of what Jehoopla's new system will look like. They swallow every picture, hook line and sinker. They expect people at the door to believe without question, too, and have no inkling that most people think the pictures are too wierd for words!

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