Preparing for Child Custody Cases - WT

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  • LovesDubs

    I need your help to help someone else! Does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of the above brochure? I used to have several but cant locate any.

    Its a very damning publication. And they usually deny its existence...but its dirty nasty warfare in child custody battles between JWs and their ex's and THEY are told to follow this information so I need it to help someone who is on the opposite end of the battle.

    Thanks so much!


  • garybuss
  • Jourles

    Is this what you're looking for?


  • LovesDubs

    Yes yes yes!! You guys ROCK like nobodys business!!! Hugs!!

    (of course now he will be told that because he doesnt have the ORIGINAL that its all apostate and lies and changed and and and....

    But then if they deny what's in this brochure, he can say he would be happy to see ORIGINAL Watchtower publications that state OTHERWISE)

    Thanks soooo much!


  • truthseeker

    Page 50 is very telling...


    This can be used to show that they are normal.

    Identify and interview young people from local

    congregations who have been raised as Jehovah's

    Witnesses and, in the eyes of the presiding overseer, are

    spiritually minded but also enjoy the normal healthy

    things that young people do. They don't have to be

    competitive to enjoy sports . Be careful that they don't

    get the impression that they are in a demonstration at

    the circuit assembly, when they would show that the

    first things in life are service and going to the Kingdom

    Hall. Show hobbies, crafts, social activity, sports, and

    especially plans for the future . Be careful they don't all

    say that they are going to be pioneers. Plans can be

    trade, getting married and having children, journalism,

    and all kinds of other things. Maybe you can show an

    interest in art and the theater. They must be clean,

    moral, honest, but with the interests that you would

    expect from other young people.

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