How long till the brainwashing fades.......?

by Gill 5 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Gill

    We were having dinner a couple of hours ago. We were talking about what school the youngest will go to next and which one after that.

    I found myself thinking, 'I wonder if Armageddon will come before she goes to that school?'

    After five years, I still haven't lost my programming.

    I told my husband and kids and was informed that I've got one screwed up head.

    When will it all go? When will this nonsense disappear. This week, I have surprised myself finding how so many old JW ideas are still imbedded in my neurons. That was one serious case of brainwashing!

  • jeanniebeanz
    old JW ideas are still imbedded in my neurons

    lol... so true...

    It will fade though if you work at it. It's not enough to leave and assume it was all a great steaming pile of dino dung. You have to prove it! Otherwise the fears will linger, and you will run into these mentally awkward moments frequently.

    I would recommend really coming to understand how you have been manipulated, and work on dismantling the programming, one line of code at a time.


  • Gill

    Jeannie - Those thoughts are like old worn pathways. Sometimes, if you're not concentrating you find yourself wandering down them.

    It's not the case that I believe anything at all spouted by JW land, and I think I have more than proved to myself that those ideas are a nonsense. I actively, and secretly do what I can to give an anti witness whenever possible. So, I am surprised to have had those thoughts.

  • jeanniebeanz

    I can understand that! Once I had dismantled the belief system, it took about a year for the knee-jerk mental reactions to fade. If you have really given the old beliefs the heave-ho, maybe time itself is the answer. How much, though, seems to be an individual thing.

    Silly as it may seem, the only thing left that bothers me is whenever stuff gets stirred up in the Middle-East I think of the societies take on 'all eyes being on Jerusalem' when 'the end' comes. lol

    Keeping your sense of humor when this silliness pops into your head helps immensely.


  • blondie

    They say you have to replace a bad habit with a good habit. Think about what you could say or think instead.


  • Kareoke Queen
    Kareoke Queen

    Well, I stopped going to meetings about 7 years ago and I still have the odd memory jog. I bought a few antique bits and bobs from a carboot sale on sunday. I got them home, cleaned them up, and just for a split second I thought 'I hope there's nothing weird gonna happen with these things now they;re in my home' meaning they might be 'demonised'!!!!! As soon as I thought it I dismissed it, but it was still there. Couldn't believe it! After all these years!

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