How is the cult structure of JW's similar to that of Scientology?

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  • Silvia Plath
    Silvia Plath

    After what happened to me and how I almost joined thinking I must not be as intelligent as I thought I was if I really belived this tripe, I started researching other cults.

    This site which is dedicated to exposing scientology , it relayed how many people who were in the cult for decades were, doctors, lawyers, even a physicist!

    It says if you get hooked it is not because you are stupid or naive that is the nature of mind control. In the auditing sessions they use mind numbing "repitition" of certain things, similar to how my teacher would keep asking me "who is ruler of this world" satan, satan, I would keep replying, mind you;

    my international version does say Satan rules the world at this time, but wether it's true or not at this point is irrelevant, after so many repititons it would be like mind altering brain washing. Its one thing to believe Satan is ruler of this world after careful study of scriptures and observation of verifiable data, backed up by personal belief, it is quite another to have it programmed in your brain by someone else. One could argue that the organization is disserving the bible and Ja by programming people; something God himself has refused to do by giving us free will and a complex brain. He wanted us to come to enlightenment through undesrtanding, not milaitirization of the mind and personality. They put themselves in the place of God, now that is apostacy.

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