New Lite!

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  • rassillon

    I think everyone has the wrong understanding of what "New Lite" means

    Light (or lite) is a virtually meaningless term used in a variety of ways by individual manufacturers. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the only parameter for this term is that it must contain "less of something," which means that it can refer to reduced calories, a lighter color or flavor (as with some oils), a fluffy (lighter) texture, or reduced fat, sugar, alcohol, etc.

    So I think that "New Lite" just has a fluffy(er) texture.


    I bet you guys thought I was serious.....sorry :)

  • Gregor

    rassilon, I appreciated your clever take on New Lite even though there is a certain poster that has shown up on this site recently who seems to be living in a parallel universe and does not seem to grasp any humorous comments. How would you like to take a long auto trip with him?

  • Kudra

    Totally funny- I love the fluffier texture and "less of something"...
    Sooooo... what is the story with papajohn and Gregor...? In an earlier thread papajohn asked Gregor and someone else not to respond... Sounds like an interesting scoop.

  • rassillon

    damn, I missed his comments...Can I get a synopsis?

    Thanks Gregor, I would love to take a long trip with him. I doubt there are very many who would face me down in person, I am pretty stout and intimidating if you get on my wrong side. If he persisted I would beat his ASS.

    But most people think I am full of whipped cream and jelly, cause I'm a really sweet guy.

    Hello Kudra, I am interested what exactly happened too??? Damn me not paying attention, I fell asleep at the meeting again.

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