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  • Nosferatu

    As many of you know, I'm a huge music buff and love interesting trivia. So, let's list some interesting but not-well-known facts about singers, bands, and songs. I'll start...

    - Soul Asylum's first album was released in 1984
    - Ozzy Osbourne appeared on the Was (Not Was) album "Born To Laugh At Tornadoes"
    - The Hollies just released a new album called "Staying Power"

  • Nosferatu

    Okay, so nobody loves music as much as I do. But, I'll leave this for you Frank Sinatra fans: The Sinatra album that barely saw the light of day:

    Ebay item :100505216833

  • gaiagirl

    The "Captain", of "Captain and Tennile", used to play keyboard for the Beachboys? Weird Al Yankovic has had the same lead guitar and bass guitar players for over 20 years! (what a great job)

  • Leolaia

    Alan Wilder from Depeche Mode almost was in a plane crash. Except he wasn't in the plane....the plane crashed so close that his convertible got debris into it.

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    The Cocteau Twins were originally siamese twins but were accidentally split when one tripped over a cobble and the other slipped on a banana skin simultaneously.

    The drummer for Def Leopard lost his arm purposely to avoid playing with them. Unfortuanately he had signed a binding contract for 30 years which had in the small print a loss of limbs clause, which he failed to read.

    Sinead O'Connor isn't actually Irish and was brought up in North London. She was so taken by the film Finians Rainbow that she thought she'd pretend to be from the emerald isle and affected an Irish accent converted to Catholicism and changed her name from Hannah Leibewitz to her Irish moniker. It wasn't until later she learned that the Emerald Isle was an actual country and not an imaginary fantasy land.

    Missy Elliot was once so infuriated at a fan attending one of her gigs who didn't get jiggy to the beats she was slamming out that she captured him after the concert and walled him up in her LA mansion. He's subsequently become her manager.

    The famous hit 'My Boy Lollipop' by Millie Small was written about Black Panther leader Stokely Carmichael.

    The toilet that Elvis died on was recently sold at auction to an unknown Japanese bidder for $3.6 million dollars.

    Jerry Lee Lewis was nicknamed 'The Killer' not because of his enthusiastic stage performance but for his penchant for strangling owls.

    Contrary to their name the band Status Quo quite like change. 'Variety is the spice of life' Francis Rossi was controversially quoted as saying.

    There are only 3 people left who want to be in Gary Glitters 'gang'.

    Dr Dre is a qualified chiropodist and often tends to band members tired feet after long gigs.

    Chris Martin of Coldplay has two prosthetic arms because of a prank, which involved running through a auto car wash, went wrong.

    Ozzy Osbourne once bit the head off a horse on stage.

    Taylor Hicks' recent win on American Idol has recently been called into question after it was uncovered he was having an affair with Simon Cowell.

    President George W Bush's favourite band are Maroon 5. He hasn't heard their music, he just likes the word maroon.

    Mozart once threw a harpsichord from a hotel bedroom window after a particular riotous booze up on schnapps.

    At a time when classical music was going through a particularly unfashionable period in the 70's the London Philharmonic decided to smash up all their instruments after the end of the set in imitation of The Who.

    In a recent poll to find the all time favourite musical Waiting for Godot came top. Puzzled pollsters think it likely interviewees got it mixed up with Godspell.

    Nirvana are soon to reform and will be undertaking a pop idol type competition to find a new front man.

    George Clooney is a big fan of skiffle music and has pictures of Lonny Donnegan all over his house.

    Sorry guys I've got insomnia tonight and I'm a bit lightheaded.

  • Leolaia

    That was fun, New Worldly... :)

  • undercover

    Neil Young and Rick James were in a band together called the Mynah Birds

    Jimi Hendrix opened for the Monkee's on some US concert dates

    Stephen Stills (of Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash and sometimes Young) auditioned for the Monkee's but was turned down

    Frank Sinatra said that the Beatles song "Something" was one of the best love songs written but would call it a Lennon/McCartney composition...only problem, it was written by Harrison

    Three Dog Night got their name from the Aborgines who would sleep with their dogs on cold nights, the coldest being a "three dog night".

  • Nosferatu
    There are only 3 people left who want to be in Gary Glitters 'gang'.

    LOL! Of all the things that you posted, that's the most believable :)

  • tijkmo
    Chris Martin of Coldplay has two prosthetic arms because of a prank

    he should join def what a band that would be....armageddon'll fix it

  • CaptainSchmideo

    Toni Tenille (of "The Captain and Tenille") was a backup singer on Pink Floyd's "The Wall"

    The mother of Mike Nesmith (of "The Monkees") invented Liquid Paper.

    Paul McCartney died in 1967 and was replaced by an out of work actor named William Campbell in time for Sgt Pepper.

    (Okay, that last one is not true, but the other two facts are true!)

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