Anyone Ever had a Letter Published in WT Literature?

by GermanXJW 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • GermanXJW

    In the early days the Watchtower hat Question from Readers showing the initials and origin of the letter writer. Later these became anonymous questions.

    Awake! contains a letter section that still give some initials and country.

    Many of us have a feeling that all those published letters are made up.

    Anyone here who wrote something that was anonymously answered or know for sure that this happened to someone?

  • Terry

    My first wife, JoAnn, had the most famous letter of all time published in the Questions from Readers. It was the one about oral sex!

    I didn't know she had written it. Plus, we had never done it anyway!

    When I later discovered it was my own wife's letter that was causing a lot of reaction, consternation (and even divorces) I was shocked and embarrassed.

    I felt like everybody would think I was trying to force something on my wife when it was actually not the case.


  • kwr

    I have read in anti-JW literature that people do write the WTS with questions. I would really like the WTS to identify who translated and complied their bible.

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