i finally saw witnesses in my neighborhood!

by candidlynuts 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • candidlynuts

    a rare sighting..

    i was in a mexican resturant and 2 older men in shirts and ties came in my jw radar clicked on.. something was sticking out of one of their pockets, it was a spanish language tract..they were seated and ordered their margaritas and i wanted to wait and see if they left a tract as a tip lol.... i didnt talk to them, i dont talk to strange men..

    nothing like still counting time during lunch eh?

  • Honesty

    I was wonderin' how long it would take them to show their faces in Nashville again after that little Witness for Jesus door-to-door work all us pagans in 'Christendom' did last June.

    Did you tell 'em Bob said, "Hi"?

  • candidlynuts

    noooo i didnt say bob says hi lol

    i didnt talk to them at all! i'm always afraid if i start talking to a jw i wont be able to shut up!

  • greendawn

    Strange, people who don't believe that they are Christians because they don't belong to the New Covenent and do not participate in the bread and wine, teach Christianity.

    There is something very untoward seeing JWs going round to preach the WTS gospel.

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