Thanks JWD

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  • mavie

    I've grown more mentally in the past 3 months than the past 8 years. The support here along with the freedom to think without restrictions is great! I'm starting to see how many different points of view are out there....and that it is ok to disagree on different points of view and still be civil...something not taught as a dub.

    It's like opening my eyes to everything around me I never noticed before.

  • QueenBee


    I really like it here too. I left the "borg" nearly nine years ago and apparently, I have forgotten A LOT about the weird things the WTBTS put out in their magazines. I was reading some articles on and my mind was totally boggled that I ever thought this shite was the "truth".

    I kind of feel like my eyes have been re-opened.

    Have a great weekend.


  • serendipity

    It's great to be able to free the mind, isn't it?

  • anewme

    Mavie you have expressed our feelings exactly!

    This has been better than expensive therapy!

    Thankyou all!

    Maybe in the future we can have big assemblies too! With speakers and everything.
    No hoagies though ok?
    Oh thats right, they did away with the hoagies along with food altogether!!!
    Well we would have delicious food! Because eating together is part of the fun and enjoyment!

    You know we really could come up with a better organization.
    We'd be so cool, people who didnt know a thing about JW would want to join!
    Ya think?

    Anyway, yeah, THANKYOU JWD!!!!


  • greendawn

    The free flow and availability of information does wonders, and freedom of speech and thought are basic human rights that the JWs deny showing themselves to be a cult.

    Glad to see that you got greatly helped by the posts here.

  • arrowstar

    congrats, dear


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