Could the 'Annointed' really be 'Demonized'?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Especially the higher ups in the organization - GB et al.

    They feel 'chosen' in some special way. Could their 'wicked' actions be explained by the 'Father' that has chosen them?


  • smellsgood

    "They feel 'chosen' in some special way. Could their 'wicked' actions be explained by the 'Father' that has chosen them?"

    Well, it would be to reason that if Jehovah is the name of God, the "one true God", a name that the Jews regard as so holy they were/are superstitious about saying-writing it, and the WT claims to be the sole channel for his communication to men...

    then the outcome is this:

    they have just used the divine name in a way that mocks and 'defiles' it.

    if any of the bible is true, then one can see how "Jehovah" would not be the one laughing in his own face.


  • Amazing1914

    No. If you are Christian, then you believe that Jesus defeated the Devil and demons when he died and was resurrected, so that they have no power over us anymore.

    Wicked conduct (assuming you are speaking of the Watchtower blood doctrine and the child abuse policies) is a result of either extreme ignorance and stupidity "if" it is being done as sincere following of one's beliefs ... however misguided such beliefs might be, or, it is a result of extreme selfishness and a criminal heart with utter disregard for other people. One can see both elements in the conduct of Watchtower leaders.

    Jehovah, nor Jesus Christ, nor the Holy Spirit have anything to do with the Watchtower, its doctrines, or its conduct.

    Jim Whitney

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    Since I no longer believe in "Satan" or his "Demons" I don't really believe they are demonized, I think all humans have the ability to be evil if they so choose, I think that some rational and generally kind people, if placed in completely different circumstances and given absolute power can become corrupted and change the way they are, when you have no one to answer to and you are holding the cards, what you do after that shows your true character. That's the reason why I really doubt the GB members in control even believe in God, I think they know it's all a sham, and are just playing the part for the Corporation's sake.

    Their behaviour with the R&F goes against what true God fearing individuals would do. The fact that they place the Organization first, speaks volumes about who their TRUE GOD is, and that's POWER and MONEY! The belief in Satan began much later for the Hebrews, in the beginning they believed good and bad came from the same god. Their time in Babylon exposed them to other ideas and beliefs and this contributed to some of the stories they adopted and made their own. So no, I don't believe they are demonized.


  • katiekitten

    I dont beleive they are demonized, but then Im not sure I believe in demonisation any more even though I still do believe in good and bad spirits.

    I think they are just deluded.

    If you live on your own for long enough and nobody dare tell you what you believe is loopy, you start to believe your own crazy stuff (look at Michael Jackson!)

    I just think they are self deluded.

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