Hi folks - thanks for the responses!

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    charles atlas 2

    Wow, thanks for the responses!

    Queenbee, I've read C of C about three times now. I love it. What a ballsy man!

    Sass, oh dear. The world on my shoulders? I feel PMS coming on...no wait! I'm a big muscley guy who kicks sand in bullies faces on the beach! Yes, that's me with the world on my shoulders. You can tell by the grimace on my face and the telltale lump in the rear of my boxer shorts.

    Juni, yes I have enjoyed that book too. It's a bit evangelical for my tastes (I much prefer Satanic rituals and TV Guide), but still a good read.

    Serendipity, thank you. What a lovely icon. It makes me feel all male and muscley n stuff.

    Warlock, I moved to another state and simply never got involved again. That was five years ago. I accidentally failed to let anyone at the hall know I was moving. Oh dear, my big muscley head forgot!

    Peggy, thanks! My big beautiful all-male muscles are just POPPING at all the attention!

    Freetosee, that was Steve "I'm so groovy!" Reeves who played Herpules in the sixties! He was also in one of Ed Woods's movies, "Jailbait," which wasn't nearly as awful as Woods other movies.

    Mouthy, I'm a personal friend of Kevin Quick! He's quite a guy, very patient. He makes both his books available online for free. I haven't read the others you recommended, but now I will!
    Two new ones I've read are "Have You Seen My Mother"? and "I Was A Teenage Jehovah's Witness."

    Mouthy I almost forgot! "Masters of Deception" REALLY helped me get a handle on what's wrong with how the GB handle the Bible. Also, if you ever get a chance to read "A People For His Name" by Timothy White, it's amazingly calm and objective and thorough.

    Mysterious, thank you! I have a sister (she has no muscles) who regularly TROUNCES (Verbally speaking of course...verbally speaking? What an odd choice of words) the JWs that come to her door.

    Sunshine, C of C is excellent. I was hoping to meet Raymond Franz one day but have never yet got a round tuit. I'd better hurry before he loses all his muscles and goes all flaccid.

    Full of Doubt Now, no doubt we all are. Oh my muscles feel positively FROTHY today!
    Ms McDucket, I commiserate, I really do. Once one has read the magazines, what else is there but to place one's brains (but not ones muscles!) in a blender and hit "frappe"? Miss MG, Oh Mein PaPa had an MG (it stands for Morris Garage! How delightfully MUSCLEY that sounds!) and we used to speed down the freeway at 110 with the top down. Sadly, I never got to drive it. It was a much earlier model than the one in your photo. It was from the fifties and had clamshell fenders. Such a delightful little car.

    Thank you all! I will enjoy posting here!

    Charlie Atlas
    "Yours in Perfect Manhood"

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