How many people did you bring out?

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  • Sacchiel

    Sorry if this has been discussed previously. I will be leaving this false organization soon, but I'm slowly trying to help other see the actual liberation and joy exists.

    Have you been succesful in bringing out others from the WT? If so how many?

    I've recently found inner peace and tranquility in meetings, no longer afraid of what anyone else may say.

  • Confession


    Only one so far: my soon-to-be-nineteen year old daughter. I did not approach her with the information; instead she found certain documents in my computer. I did tell her of my investigation, but also explained that I would continue to love and support her no matter what she decided. It took awhile, but soon she began asking the same questions I did, and she figured it out for herself. I was just there for her when this happened, and gave her permission to ask these questions and say what she really thought.

    I would like to help many, many more, but I know this is difficult. I intend to create my own little website one day soon. The idea? Just to lay my story out there and perhaps include a few essays I've written--as well as those of others, with their permission. It will be something to the effect of...

    "To my dear family and many friends I associated with while one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I love you. I know it's difficult to believe the Watchtower Society isn't what it claims to be, but that's exactly what I'm telling you. I know you may never read this--and may never be willing to consider the information on this site--but if you ever do, I'll be here. And if the questions that used to nag at me finally arise within you, just call. You will have a loving, caring person who has already gone through this process, and, unlike me, you'll have someone you know to talk to about it."

    The internet has proven to be an effective tool at disseminating the truth and reaching people. It will continue to be, and I'm confident that over the years lots and lots of our friends and family members will figure it out too.

    Here's to that time!


  • kid-A
  • cyberguy

    I helped several friends of mine, and one of them was an elder at the time. It was hard for the elder to accept it at first, but after he researched WT literature, he concluded that what I had shown him was correct. I found that strictly using WT literature at first is the best approach. Also, it was necessary to help him see what the WT really teaches on a subject, because most JW’s simply do not understand WT teachings. It is impossible to refute sometime otherwise.

    One scripture I really like to use is Matt. 28:18, where Jesus says “All authority has been given me in heaven and on the earth.” Before sharing I briefly review exactly what JW’s understand happened in 1914. Then we read this scripture, and ask if they knew that WT says this is only a “promise” and that Jesus had to wait until 1914 before this was fulfilled. (You can share what is in the “Require” brochure to back this point up.) At this junction you’ll find out just what kind of person you’re talking to. Also I try and leave just this one thought, but will continue the conversation at a later time if they want more. This is really a revelation for most JW’s and I found that removing the scales off a person’s eyes takes time.

    I wish you the best on you Journey!

  • Sacchiel

    Yes, I know that if someone had told me the WT was not the truth, I would have considered them insane, hateful, and blind. LOL, so I know what I'm up against. Thanks for sharing everyone. Seeing how we have the link up above, please continue the discussion there! Thank you!

  • poppers

    "I've recently found inner peace and tranquility in meetings, no longer afraid of what anyone else may say."

    I'd be interested in knowing more about how you found inner peace.

  • Robdar

    2, Mom and Pop.

  • justsomedude

    I've got 2 so far.. I think Im just going to keep my mouth shut for the time being though and not try to rock the boat too much as it seems for the moment the elders are leaving me alone.

  • Sacchiel

    The peace and tranquility is something not from me nor any human origin. The scriptures describe this as the indwelling Christ. I know my sins have been forgiven and the Father views me through the prizm of his Son.

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