What WTS resource (past or present) was too strange--and made you wonder?

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  • whyizit

    I just read page 85 of the 1926 edition of The Finished Mystery for about the tenth time. It goes to great lengths in explaining that the leviathan is actually a locomotive! I assume that JWs back at that time believed that Jehovah was the author of this and they believed it whole heartedly. How does the WTS explain this? (Was God joking around? Did He have a brain fart? Had he drank too much wine on the Pleiades? How could He make such a daft mistake?) Of course, we should all be aware that it was a human mistake, and that Jehovah had nothing to do with that line of thought. None-the-less, it would be interesting to hear the explanation.

    Did you ever read something in the WTS materials, past or present, that was just way too strange and it hit you that maybe this isn't God's organization after all?

  • DannyBloem

    How they react to it?

    Most JW's are actually proud of it. They say, at least our religion is changing itself for the better, it is not dogmatic.

    What I read recently that made me wonder?

    Actually, it was there teachings about the flood and other myths in genesis that made me see it was could never be gods organisaion.


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