Thousand Trails

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  • Mulan

    Does anyone know anything about Thousand Trails?

    I contacted them and arranged for a free weekend on Saturday (through Tuesday). We have to endure a 90 minute presentation, and I assume they are like a time share. It's in a really nice area on the water (Puget Sound) about an hour North of where we live.

    What should we expect? Price? Monthly fees? We are interested in joining, since we like to camp (RV) and like to have hookups and know we can have a spot.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Rumor has it there are only 999 trails. BE CAREFUL!

  • Mulan
    Rumor has it there are only 999 trails. BE CAREFUL!

    Oh NO!!!!

  • asleif_dufansdottir

    Years ago I had a friend (former classmate) who went to work for them when they opened a resort in our area. She quit because they wanted her to flat-out lie to the people when she was doing presentations. As this was a small community, these were often people she knew and she got very upset about Thousand Trails wanting her to lie to them.

    Be very, very careful.

    Ask around on vacation or RV forums about them before you go.

    We've gotten similar offers from other time share places and have just decided it's easier to pay for a weekend away than "pay" by listening to high-pressure sales. We've been thru the high-pressure sell in religion and see how that worked out.

  • Mulan

    Thanks, that is exactly what I wanted to hear. I will be sure all promises are in print, if we join.

    We've gone to lots of timeshare presentations, mostly in Hawaii, to get free tickets to luaus, and hate the high pressure nature of the presentations. They literally won't let you walk out.

    We went to one in Palm Springs, on a weekend we won in a drawing (we had to fly at our own expense, but that was all right, we had free tickets from mileage credits) and they gave us terrible accomodations, dark, way in back, one window, overlooking an alley. During the presentation we had to endure, I mentioned that to them, and told them if they wanted us to buy in, they should have given us an "awesome room". As it was, it wasn't anything attractive to me. They just stared at us. I stared back, and they kept trying. I finally told them there was no way we were interested in their facility and they let us leave the office.

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