appreciation from Jehovahs wittnesses?

by exposem 0 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • exposem

    I say to this religous cult known as the Jehovahs wittnesses: Go to Arlington and Punchbowl National veteran cematories! Go a "VA" hospital and tell the wounded vets that they are worldly and not part jehovah gods sheep! Why don't you, fly to Normandy France and say that to the many who sacrificed their lives so you could be free to live & ring door bells! Tell that to the brave WWII VETS that liberated Millions ofJehovah wittnesses form the hell of NAZI concentration camps! You refuse to serve in the military,vote, honor veterans and invlove yourselves with goverment ! Yet you appear to take in the many benefits that goverment provides! Appears you're Quick to judge ! IMHO, you hide in your mental qagmire of doom and gloom ! Well, what about 1918! 1945! 1975! 1995! What happen! Well, the world and it's humanly inhabitants continue on! And now, THE SICK AND EVIL ACTIONS OF CHILD MOLESTATION IN YOUR CULT!!! IMHO, YOU ARE A BIG PART OF THIS WORLD! THE EVIL PART!

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