9 meetings...no me

by mavie 7 Replies latest jw friends

  • mavie

    I posted earlier I don't understand the female gender. Still having a hard time understanding this behavior.

    You see, we mutually missed about 2 weeks of meetings. Then we go for a week. Now we have mutually missed 9 in a row. Tonight we had a beer and went out on the town instead of meeting!

    I am afraid to ask...I am just going to enjoy it.

  • Sparkplug

    So nobody has asked for you? Are you still a MS?

  • mavie

    So far I am...don't know how long though.

    I've meet with elders 3 times now. I've told them everything (almost everything, obviously). I suspect they will want to visit again.

  • vitty

    During this interlude, you should be doing your utmost, in being the most wonderful husband. Flowers , nights out, show her there is a wonderful life for both of you beyond the WT

    She is testing the waters, will God strike her dead for missing a few meetings. Show her that it can be fun without the guilt

    If she wants to go to a meeting say "of course" but im going to the pictures, theatre, whatever

  • mavie

    Thanks Vitty, I am really trying to do that. The only difference being that I will still go to meeting with her if she wants to go.

  • misspeaches

    This reminds me of a time when we were still kids. For a period of time we just didn't go to meetings or witnessing anymore. It was great! We never questioned it we just accepted it. LOL. After a few months though it was back to normal. Turns out mum was really depressed at the time.

  • Mysterious

    I remember my first couple of meetings I didn't go to..it was really weird being at home watching tv with dad while mom was gone..weird but relaxing.

  • reneeisorym

    I remember the weird it felt to see all my family around me leaving for the meeting after I had DAed myself.

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