WTS inconsistency? Leave in Jehoover's hands............

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  • BizzyBee

    This may have been discussed before, but how come:

    We were always told that if an elder, PO, CO, DO or the GB were wrong or misbehaving, to

    "leave it in Jehoover's hands.....He will take care of it in His own time."

    Then why come do we have DFing arrangement "to keep the congregation clean" wherein JC's usurp Jehoover's timetable and pronounce judgment?

    Just wondering........................

  • greendawn

    "leave it in jehovah's hands" that is the ultimate hypocrisy, the same when a JW needs help all they say is "we can't help you, pray to jehovah for help".

    The point is that the R&F imitate their leaders that's why they are such a heartless and uncharitable lot.

  • AlanF

    It's the Society's usual double standards at work. "Leave it in Jehovah's hands" means nothing more than "we don't want to deal with it for reasons we're not going to explain." It usually means that there is some reason the person or persons who say it really do have some understandable reason, but they don't want to reveal it.

    For example, one "anointed" JW once told me that my criticisms of WT chronology were correct, but that I should "leave it in Jehovah's hands". A dozen years later, nothing has changed.

    Many years ago a pioneer woman married a wealthy immigrant, who had recently been baptized, for his money. Predictably, after a couple of years, the marriage was in trouble, the husband had quit going to meetings and the woman was pulling some nasty things to prepare for the inevitable divorce. The elders knew all about these nasty things -- things that normally would result in some sort of censure or even DF'ing. I was friendly with the husband and he told me what was going on, and so I demanded of one elder the reasons they took no action against the woman. He said it was because the husband was no longer active, that they wouldn't do anything. I told him I thought that was terrible, that they would let injustice be done to a fine man by a nasty JW merely because he was inactive. He sort of agreed, and then said to "leave it in Jehovah's hands". Of course, now more than 30 years later, nothing has been done, and the woman remained a pioneer for some years.


  • LDH
    the woman remained a pioneer for some years.

    This is proof that Jehovah can 'make the rocks cry out.'

    Here, he used the wealthy, inactive JW immigrant's money to support the pioneering work.

    Watchoo talkin' bout, Alan?



  • BizzyBee
    He sort of agreed, and then said to "leave it in Jehovah's hands". Of course, now more than 30 years later, nothing has been done,

    Yup, they got it comin' and goin'..................Thanks Alan and LDH for making my point........................

  • LDH


    It's interesting.

    Things only get left in Jehovahs' hands when the WBTS could potentially be sued for meddling. When people willingly submit to "Jehovah's hands" he shows himself not to be such a nice fellow.

    Times we should leave things in Jehovah's hands:

    1. An adult JW has 'recovered memories' of molestations.

    2. A JW has to decide whether to accept hemoglobin

    however, the JUDICIAL committee is only too happy to act on sins of PERSONAL MORALITY. For instance, did you view that porn video with greed or was it informational?

    Apparently Jehovah doesn't mind it if his peeps here on earth judge your SEXUAL MORALITY.

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