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  • Sentinel

    ...if you are looking for a like-new home in Northern Virginia, very well situated for travel to all major areas, without all the congestion of newer developments...please consider our home that is for sale. It went on the market right when things took a turn; the market seems to be flooded and our home isn't selling in the time we had anticipated.

    We really need to sell our home in Prince William County,and are hoping that someone who has a need will see this posted here and take a look. At $459,000.00, It is priced $90,000.00 below other similar models. Briefly, it is a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath colonial, with two car garage. The ceilings are 9ft. Kitchen with upgraded oak cabinets; entry foyer is hardwood floors and oak rails; dining room; front room; living room. Upgraded carpet and padding and all neutral for your creative touch. Basement is ready for third full bath and two to three more rooms--walls and floors are painted and ready. It has a country porch with shady trees in the front, and lots of trees in the back yard, which features a six foot board on board fence with a gate on each side. The garage and 1/2 of the front of home is brick. The porch railings are all new, no care vinyl. Big back yard on .23 acres Lots of upgrades. Home is only seven years young..built in 1999.

    We are both retired now, due to bad health of husband, and have moved south. Trying to hold onto this place is putting us in the poor house fast. This is a very good deal as you would have immediate equity upon purchase! Contact Re/Max Olypic for specifics at 703-369-9439.

    I truly do hate to get on here and plead our situation, but I am trying all avenues before we have to go to foreclosure over this. It is sad to think we've worked our entire lives only to have this happen..., but cash flow on a limited budget is the real issue.



  • Mary


    If you can't sell it right now, have you considered trying to rent it out? That would at least cover the mortgage payments until it does sell.

    Just a thought.

  • katiekitten

    Yes, renting is an excellent idea.

    I rent my house, and it covers my mortgage. In England you can buy off the shelf rental agreements from stationary shops for less that $20. I used that instead of a rental agency.

    Good luck.

  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    If you do decide to go the route of renting please, please get references, short term leases and get their soc. security numbers . When you get the soc. sec. numbers you can go to a couple of different sites online... and I believe . They also have to pass muster with the utility departments . Sounds over the top but if you do not walk carefully it can and will come back and bite you.


  • Sentinel

    Thanks for your response.

    Yes, we considered renting; however, after much discussion, we feel it is not an option that would suit our particular situation.

    I'm sure things will resolve in one way or another before too long..

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