Back from Germany...

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  • Toronto_Guy

    On Thursday I got back from Germany, after having spent a week...was only planning to attend 2 world cup games, but ended up getting to 5 (bought some tickets outside the stadiums!)...its a very cool country, lots of history, travelled to hamburg, frankfurt, cologne, nuremburg, berlin and leipzig...of course the atmosphere is amazing right now with the world cup, fans from all over the world...

    the only drawback was passing a Kingdom Hall in Hamburg...something like "Jehovah Zugen" I bought a big Canadian flag and wore it around, even though Canada is not in the World Cup! It was nice to be able to do that, something I could never have done before as a JW...also got a bit drunk one night, that was fun too...its not always easy to have lost family, but its amazing to have the freedom to do things I never could before...

    nice to be back and reading everyone's posts again.

  • Sparkplug

    Hey! Did you know Germany was communist? I just had to test out a bit of new knowledge.

    Seriously though I would love to get over there. I tried to this next week, but I waited to long to schedule and going was a bit out of reach. I am happy you had fun! Travel is good!

  • supersonic

    What games did you go and see mate?

  • Toronto_Guy

    I was at Ecuador-Costa Rica, Czech-Ghana (I think that was the best one I was at), Ukraine-Saudi Arabia, Ecuador-Germany and Iran-Angola. The atmosphere inside the stadiums is amazing. Some of the other games I watched at the fan fests or at nice little cafes and bars with fans. Of course I missed a few games to walk around the cities I was in...had to see a bit of Germany too!

  • greendawn

    That will be something for you to remember for a long time especially if you took some pictures as souvenirs, the world cup in Germany 2006. Shame you couldn't stay until the finals.

  • Toronto_Guy


    That would have been great! But I probably wouldn't have had a job when I got back! I did meet some students and different people who are staying for the whole thing...

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