Blondie, New Idea: Rev. Climax Book weekly Comments you BookStudy

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  • jwsons


    How about you make a series of Revealation Climax ! weekly, the comments JDubs not hearing at their Book Study ? You prepare accordingly with their schedule shouls be good.

  • stillajwexelder

    Everything is easy for the person that does NOT have to do the work. I do not like speaking for another person but Blondie already works hard on the Watchtower - the load should be spread more evenly and somebody else should do a critique on the weekly book study in The Revelation Grand Climax Book

  • blondie

    I would be happy to post the paragraphs and questions since they are on the CD. As to leading discussion, after 2 times through the Babylon the Great book, 2 times through the Finished Mystery book, and 3 times through the Revelation Climax book, I don't know if I can bring a fresh eye.

    And as stilla points out, more than this could take a great deal of my time so I will just stick to posting the material and providing a thread for that week's discussion. It someone has the weekly schedule of paragraphs that would help too.

    But if you have a CD you can check the WTS changes over time as the their interpretations. From 1917 with the first Finished Mystery to now.

    The first chapter or 2 brings up the Alpha/Omega, first/last possible debate. Has the WTS been consistent in that?

    The discussion of the various congregations, were they real or symbolic (7) in number? Notice how the WTS uses the mistakes of these congregations to justify their own mistakes and "adjustments" and "new light" and "clarifications."

    There are many points in Revelation that can be discussed from many angles, JW and non-JW that could take a book itself.

    If you currently attending, I might be able to bring up a point to slip by the conductor that will make people go "hmmmmmmmm?" but not get you on the apostate track.

    Perhaps some of the excellent researchers on here can provide some websites that have an alternative verse-by-verse discussions of the book of Revelation.


  • stillajwexelder

    It someone has the weekly schedule of paragraphs that would help too.

    I reckon since the TMS schedule for 2007 will be in the October KM, the study schedule for Revelation Grand Climax will be in the November Kingdom Ministry

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